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Exercise question

I know there has been lots on exercise but i have had a look through all other posts and not found my answer. Also i am using the word exericise as general everyday activities rather than gym or running.

I do aqua med twice a week, this is a slower version of aqua fit or can be described as aerobics in water. I have my reliever 20 minutes before and manage really well must times, occassionally coughing all the way through.

However when it comes to walking distance, ie supermarket shopping or round a department store, or up or down a more than one flight of stairs. I pay for it that night, my chest is much tigher and i feel dizzy while doing it and quite breathless.

Does any one have any ideas why i can do the aqua med in a swimming pool but not the walking or the stairs? In my head it makes no sense and is very frustrating!

Any replies would be great!

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You ability do exercise in the pool without symptoms, but when outdoors you suffer, would point to similar to myself. You like the humidity, cold dry air when outdoors tends to dry the linings of the lungs.

I see you take far more meds than myself, but is your asthma generally well controlled, I would tend to think that based on your post, and thinking about myself, that there is room for better control, especially as your talking about low intensity, everyday activities. I'd go back to your GP or Asthma nurse, and talk it through.



thanks for reply woody som. I do have good controll of my asthma now. My consultant is quite happy with me. I think as you say with your asthma it must be the difference in air types. My asthma is always so much happier at the swimming pool than any where else. I have come a long way from what i was i am just not quite fully back to normal but i guess i may have to settle with what i have rather than what i dont have.



you sound like I did a few weeks back, accept the way you are now, not what you could be. There is room for improvement, and I would recommend you strive to get that, you should be able to do normal every day activities without any problems, and you don't have that, so now i would say that it's not controlled, a few weeks back I would, like you have accepted it, DON'T.

Even if your consultant is happy, it doesn't mean that you are as good as you can be. My GP was happy with me, as was the nurse at my review, but things wasn't right, they will accept reasonable control and not strive for perfection, yo have to push for that.

Something I did over the winter, and the asthma nurse laughed when I suggested it, but it did work, was the use of a warm mist humidifier, to put a little more moisture into the air in the home. All the electrical gadgets, and central heating are drying the air out, and thats not good for the body in general. I'm not using now, the better weather has arrived (he says and its pouring down), but I sleep with the windows open if I can as much as possible, i like the fresh air.



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