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People please read

The last week or so i have read a post and then the replies and each one says go to your GP or call 999. Please read the posts some people have put in there post i am going to the doctors in the morning, ie post put on at 1.30am that is 5 hours away. You reply at 9pm two days later. It is really frustrating me now. Some people just ask questions out of interest and are not saying help i need help now, they are just asking genuine questions. Please just read the posts before you tell them to phone 999 or there GP.

(sorry if i am stepping on anyones toes but some new people are getting there heads bitten off before they have even been welcomed.)

edit: feel free to delete if neccessary.

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If people didnt want that kind of advice they would not put it up in post and I have read many posts of people struggerling with there breathing and confused on whats the next step so sorry if you think people should not say ""see gp call 999"" but how do we know how long they been ill so i have to say i agree with people who advise on going to see gp and calling an ambulance


I think what Plumie is asking (correct me if I'm wrong) is just that people make their responses appropriate to the original posting, both in relevance to the topic and the time it was made. Which seems reasonable.

I think people are just being cautious, that's all.


please read

I hope this helps,I wouldn't have the energy to post when I very ill. But after the event i might like advice from others who may have experience attacks, so I can take more approprieate action.

When I first suffered life threatening attacks I would struggle to get to hospital, or get a lift in. I didn't realise that 999 ambulance services is available for such emergencies. Because initially I only had mild asthma, much later, years in fact I suddenly suffered from acute, brittle, life threatening attacks.

Whats difficult GPs are closed at night and early mornings, I once phoned nhs direct to get out of hours gp and was told go to hospital. Whenever I got to hospital it was in the nick of time, yet I would spend hours and hours in resus and i didn't understand why mecidine took so long to work.

I only got informed by coming on this site and I learn't how to handle things. Even though you are not suppose to give out medical advice your own experiences helped me to understand this awful disease. Maybe people are asking genuine questions or just interested, who knows. But my reasons are as above.


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