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Is anyone else's asthma playing up?

This week my asthma has been horrendous. I have an idea that it is the high pollen and the hot weather that is making it bad but just wanted to know if anyone else is having fun and games with this weather and there asthma?

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I think it is common with a lot of people console yourself rain is forecast for the weekend that should dampen things down a little.

Hi plumie

Yeh mine is, thought it was just me as I have terrible sinus pain too! Hopefully when it rains it will clear, keep well till then!



yeah mine is playing up in major ways, gp put me on more antibiotics yday and going back today going to have to put up preds-- living off nebs 15-20 a day for the last week. was thinking it was just me.

think you are right tho it mush be the weather and pollen count.

hope you are all feeling better soon


Mine has been rubbish too! I am not too bad if I sit and do nothing! otherwise I get very breathless doing simple tasks. Had an overnight stay in hospital and pred increased again.

Bring on the rain!!

Ditto. More abx and increase preds AGAIN!!!!! (Meant to say a gp visit no hosp stay)

Yep my chest has been dire all week, I've had to reduce my hours and work from home, though it seems a little better today as there is a bit of a breeze. Came home from allergy clinic yesterday with a bag of new meds. I love the sunny weather but my lungs just can't cope with it!

bad week

i think my lungs have broke!!!every 3 weeks i have bad attack,could'nt go to see my family in liverpool cos of it weather not helping have to stay indoors and sit nightmare.have been intouch with british lung foundation thay have been great!!

Re asthma playing up

I have been at my wits end this week, Thursday night i took myself off to bed early and felt so ill, that i wasn't convinced i would wake up..

Took my inhalers lots to try and help...

My lungs have been feeling very stiff, breathing in and out was an effort.

The humidity has been awful.

To help me sleep at night i had my cooling tower on as well as my fan, had it angled on me, helps me breathe a little easier.

Hopefully the air quality will be better, but off to the Doctors monday to have my peak flow re assessed as it's still down from my usual 487 down to 380...

Take Care


Don't like thunderstorms, but the ones we had yesterday have cleared the air, feeling a bit better today.

child with asthma

our little boy is a severe asthmatic, he is on inhalers, antihistermines and antibiotics every day to help control the syptoms. he was diagnosed at 17 months and has previously stopped breathing twice .

This week has been awful for him.

he is 4. all week his chest has been sore and he has been breathless. he has run out of steam earlier than usual and has fallen asleep long before his usual bedtime.

its reasuring to read that others have had a difficult week to as we do not suffer from asthma so are not always aware that small weather changes can cause such vast problems. we are used to pollen counts and winter weather, but as he gets older his symptoms present slightly different and we have a huge learning curve ahead.

i shall watch the forums for guidance.

me too!

I haven't had symptoms for about 5 years but feel like someone's sitting on my chest - on pred & back on preventative. Can't catch breath at all.

What horrible weather!

Cough.. cough.. cough..

Really troublesome today. Wakened by that flipping elephant on my chest around 5 am. This afternoon, came out of a shop and my asthma cough started. Just could not stop.

Maybe the mall's air-conditioning going through its cycle? Whatever the cause, blue inhaler to the rescue. Takes 4 puffs before that cough stops.


PS My teeth chatter when I have 4 puffs. Anyone else get that? or is it just me?

I get the shakes when i have large amounts of my reliver.

Currently someone must have a bonfire as it is all i can smell in my room URGH!

In have spent last 4 nights waking an hour after going to sleep with coughing!

Silly weather!

fed up & cranky

Crossing fingers, this weather does not bother my holiday in Scotland. Taking laptop to keep me going if can't sleep at night or walk a lot during the day.

Our small town is basically a triangle and this evening, took short walk along one side. To end of last year this was a doddle. Less than half way, my shoulders started to ache - strange, I know, but its one of my signs of imminent breathless spell. Whiff of Ventolin and on my way again. Dropped off for evening meal - another puff pre-food. Then an hour later slowly, back home.

Keep telling myself this is ridiculous behaviour on my part. Husband just laughs and when we get home again does all the tidying up, feeds the cats, even hoovers while I'm told to sit and not move.

Not that I ever was much cop at housework but this sitting still is getting so wearing, I've been known to go clean out a cupboard or two. Silly person. Cos then I become tired again and guess who has to put it all back. Yes, my long suffering hubbie. Bless.

Maybe a visit to the asthma nurse is on the cards re tiredness. Maybe I just need my holiday.


GrannyMo I've been reading a number of your posts, and was thinking that your asthma doesn't sound very controlled, You shouldn't be needing your blue inhaler so regularly. I don't know how your doctors works but perhaps it might be worth going to the GP (or the asthma nurse if they can perscribe) to talk about changing your asthma treatment, to try and get more controll. You shouldn't be waking up in the night due to your asthma either, and there is plenty of room to adjust your asthma treatments atm, so perhaps a trip to the docs would be best.

Hope your more under controll soon

ally x

Yes its that time of year.

the weather

I have had 3-4 asthma attacks in the last 2 weeks due to this weather. Its not fair and my doctors expect me to be ready to handle some more. Why does it want to play up now whilst everyone else enjoys the summer heatwave? Its good to express this.

Your not alone my asthma has been playing up too . I think it is down to the weather and pollen count.

feeling realy down with it now. on 60mg of pred major amounts of nebs getting more side efx than benefits from them all, feel like there is an elephant on my chest, sooo sleepy too. aaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh. i am determined that i am not going to end up back in costa del NHS. sorry for moan xx

Hi sarah, i will join you in the moan, my asthma is driving me up the wall, i can get odd naps in day and asthma ok but in the night it is horrid and yes yes i hvae checked it out with medical person and they say it will settle when weather settles to doing one thing rather than two or more. Just put up with it or if get real bad go costa and that is the last place i want to go. Why does asthma have to be such a bluming nightmare! ARGH! It is all good when it is controlled but when something is triggering it all hell breaks loose!

I am due an amino break at the end of week and after proudly telling my consultant I had got my pred down to 20mg the following night was dreadful and reluctantly put it back up to 40mg. I seem to be either sleeping or nebbing, At least that is how it feels.



Lets all do a rain dance - for those not up to an actaul dance how about a rain song or poem!? Anything right now to take the focus off how sticky and thick the air is would be good. A slow, sit and stop day for me meant work was a farce - very amusing when you are suposed to be running group sessions for lots of energetic 3-4 year olds :-\

Hoping everyone feels better soon!!!

Hi Plumie..

Yeh my asthma has been awful in the heat!! The pollen makes it worse too, get lots of plegm on my chest - been taking antihistimines aswell which does help.

I am PREYING for a huge thunderstorm - whenever one is over i go straight outside and stand there and just breathe!! its so good :D my boyfiend thinks im crazy hehe but i just tell him u dont understand how good it fells to beathe good air!

Roll on autumn I say!

Not on my own

Hi all

Reading all your post's today makes me realise I am not alone with this. My asthma has been playing me up for 3 weeks now and have seen 5 different GP's. Eventually managed to get steroids last week. But had to go back for more today. I sleep ok during the day on the settee but again not at night even though I am using lots of pillows.

The decision I have to make is whether I go back to work on Thursday.

Oh, yes, me too. It didn't help that my steroid inhaler dispenser was faulty, and I didn't get anything like the correct dose for about a week and a half. When I realised, I thought it was blocked so washed it, but still no good, so then thought maybe propellant had run out. I had a spare inhaler dispenser, and tried the aerosol in there, and it was fine.

However, my asthma kicked off again last Tuesday after being well for ages. How long does it take for steroid effect to build up again?

I guess the weather isn't helping either. Tight chest, asthma headache, and a feeling of not being able to breathe in or out properly.

What actually causes it when the weather's like this?

mine is really bad at the moment to, came down with a lovely cold that has now turned into a chest inefction so was given pred and anitbiotics from the doctor today. cant wait for it to rain!


Asthma and Pollen

Yes my son's asthma has been getting steadily out of control since beginning of June and has been bad these last two weeks. I also reckon its pollen related (apparently grass pollen bad until towards end of July). It is worse in the morning and then from about 5 until 9. Sorry to hear you are also suffering.

Rain came on while standing outside with friends. We all just stayed there, saying yes! rain! and smiling. Course its all gone now. Back to oppressive heat. Bother.

thankfully its quite cool here this evening at last , i need vital sleep desperatley :(

rain weould be even nicer , unfortunaaatley where i am is classed as south east and im just about an hour down the motorway from london so its very hot here ,

it waas 90 degrees Farenheit on monday mid-day here according to temperature gage thing !

Deleted message

I've deleted post cos not really relevant.

GM xx

Really had a bad few days and last night was horrible - I was lying in bed feeling very panicky because my chest was so tight and my breath was wheezy and coming in/out slowly - it was like trying to breathe in treacle. I took 6 inhalers and still didn't feel right and hardly slept at all - at one point I was thinking about calling an ambulance but I never like doing that and never really know at what point one should do that??

I would have thought if no relief from inhalers then get an ambulance, or get someone to take you to A+E. Have your done pick flow.

Take care it is not nice in middle of night to feel panicked especially if your on your own. Hope you get sorted. The advice line is very helpful, I was adviced to use it yesterday.

Mine has

With the hot weather and as i also have hayfever my asthma has been the worst so far. the paramedics had to come see me and i have had to see my doctor a lot. it also doesn't help that i am in school. you have to try to keep your tempreture under control first by getting a hand held fan and drinking lots of water. that helps me. my doctor also told me to take more if my beclazone (preventer) inhaler, so go and try talking to your doctor. or go A&E someone can help you. you got to be careful though the heat is suppose to get worse. hope you get better and good luck.


Thanks - well I did get through the night but I went to the GP and he's now put me on Prednisolone. That just makes me feel tired and a bit delicate but it should help (taking a few days off work too)

Me too, hayfever/urgh phlegm & that pesky elephant on/off for months. Did a post on medical about worsening moderate asthma too with more detail but basically now on prednisilone for the first time but never in hospital yet and hope not ever.

my asthma is causing me lots of probs out of breath alot.on top of it ive got my leg in a cast and carnt put no weight on it so it takes it out of me to get about. i am new to asthma and dont know anyone with it.does asthma ease off in winter

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