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Conservatives and incap benefit reforms

I was listening to the news yesterday and heard they are going to do things with the incap benefit and get more people on to the job seekers allowance. What do people think to this?

I personally am rather worried as i know i cannot work most of the time because when i get ill i cannot even manage daily homemaker tasks.

Edit : Thought i should have put exact information. (

Bold plans to get people back in to work including cutting some benefits. It would only be people who were found to be fit for work after medical tests who would be moved off incapacity benefit. My personal worry here is what is happening with the ESA, lots of people who need it are being turned down, also will they just decide everyone need to come off and then restart people on ESA?

Within three years of being elected, the Tories want all 2.6 million people on incapacity benefit to be assessed to see what work they could do and offered training or other help in getting work.They expect about 500,000 claimants to be found jobs or transferred to jobseeker's allowance, which pays £25 a week less. Mr Cameron said: ""If you can work, you should work... we will help you to work."" He said for those who ""genuinely can't work, who are disabled, we as a compassionate society should look after them, should help them, and should pay their benefits"". But he said others could work and would be given ""tailored help and support"" to get work. The Tories say the £600m cost of the policy would be covered by savings made from moving people from incapacity benefits to jobseeker's allowance.

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I like the way he makes it all sound so nice and cosy - 'There will be help given to support people with health problems and disabilities back into the workplace'.

I currently work in local government and have had a HELL of a job getting 'reasonable adjustments' to support me despite the fact I have a contract stating my employers will strive to do just that for those that need.

I am lucky in the fact that 75% of the time asthma doesn't trouble me too much, but when it does, it does so with a vengeance. It is now at a level where it is classed as a disability.

I've put forward proposals that can be made cheaply and easily, without disrupting my work, but it has been made really difficult for me.

Generally, employers are not willing to make any adjustments to accommodate. And, with so many already out of work at the moment, will people with health problems and disabilities really have a chance of finding work?

I think I'll write and tell him what I've been through in the last 12 months - trying to keep in work but fighting for the support I need to help manage my asthma!!!


It's the election next year and certain parties are going to say certain things they think their supporters want to hear. Labour already have similar plans, according to the BBC News last night. I have heard it all before, so not going to panic. This doesn't mean I don't care, but as I am learning from life no point getting your knickers in a twist until you see real evidence of change as opposed to ""just talk."" Remember at this point the Tories are only considering half a million incapacity claimants, I would assume hopefully they will only look at claimants who may have the ability to do some type of work, not those for example who cannot walk and those who rely on Carers to live everyday life.


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