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It is september again! My peak flow has dropped. Looking like medication will have to be increased.

I always seem to have problems with my asthma in september and october every year.

The question is can i avoid an admission?!

Does anyone else find they have set times of year when they know there asthma will flare up?

Mine are also February and March.

Just curious


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Usually Oct and Jan, it seems to be the worst of the cold snaps, the start of the intense frosty night and usually the start of the snow!


Yep! Usually around september I get my first autumn/winter cold which leads to a hosp addmission. So far so good and avoiding the germs! Chest not so good as usual though since the change in weather.



Seasons definately dictate changes in my management plan.

Am just about to reinstate all treatment for allergies having had a brief break from theses.

Autumn offers leaf mould a huge trigger for me.

Spring grass pollen and few early flowers.

Summer rapeseed and poor air!!

Winter, not too bad as long as I keep those winter bugs at bay.

The change in weather can be an issue but so far the temperature is being kind and actually very mild.

Tips to stay well, (nothing ground breaking!!) listen to your body, rest when you can, eat plenty of fresh fruit n veg (yummy homemade soups a must for the winter). Learn what works for you and make small adaptations if you can to avoid triggers. oh and as usual responed rapidly to a change in symptoms, stay well.


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