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I have just spoken to my GP and got a glorified nowhere! He has just told me the reason i have diahorrea is because i have been on antibiotics for 2 whole months?! I would like to know where he has got this from?! The wrong patient clearly! I have major issues with antibiotics they were what put me in hospital in september. I know GPs must have a hard job keeping track of patients and what is happening but it is not that much easier for us as they have access to our notes to keep track we do not! ARGH! I have to pop in and see him this afternoon on the way back from the hospital it is really annoying to have to live your life around medical appointments i am fedup of trying to keep track with what is happening and why?!

Thanks for listening guys feeling a tad stressed out!

And as for getting any further i have got no further so far!


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Hi Plumie. Hope the doc helps when u pop in.xxx


moan on

Moan on Plumie you must be fed up. It is annoying having to update doctors when they should have all your notes.



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