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Electric Scooters

I am looking for some advice on buying a scooter.

What should i look for? What should i be careful of? What should i avoid? etc

It has been recommended i get one because i have joint problems as well as asthma. My lower limbs tend to give away quite unpredicably. It would mean i could take myself food shopping, or on days out without needing another persons help. (as with wheelchair you need some one to push.)

I would need one i can fold up and put in my car. I have been looking at mercury Prism 4 wheel scooter.

Does any one have any advice?

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Hey plumie bumped up a recent thread on scooters for ya :)


Hi Plumie

If you can afford it I would thoroughly recommend a TGA Buddy. If you need to put it in the car, this one is by far the best. Most of the ones that say they will go in a boot take ages to take apart and put back together and are almost impossible to handle on your own unless you are feeling extremely well. The Buddy is very very light, takes seconds (and I am not exagerating) to put down and put up and I can handle mine on my own even when not feeling well. It is also small enough to actually go into shops rather than having to leave it outside. They are quite expensive though but you can get a good deal if you trawl the net. I would suggest that whatever you decide, don't buy until you have had a demo and tried taking it apart yourself. I had several on hire that were supposed to go in the boot and I couldn't do any of them on my own.

Good luck finding the right one for you.



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