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Exercise Information

I was sat in my doctors waiting room today when i came across a leaflet called Out there and active by asthma uk

On page 7 of the little booklet it has an answer to a question i have asked and a few others have asked so thought i would post it up, how this is ok

Exercise and Asthma

Excercise is a common trigger for asthma. It can affect anybody with asthma. children or adults, recreational sports players or elite athletes. It is not known exactly how exercise triggers asthma.

It is believed it is because when people exercise they breathe faster. This makes it more difficult for the nose and upper airways to warm up and add moisture to the air breathed in, resulting in the air being drier and colder than usual. It is thought that this cold, dry air in the airways triggers the symptoms of exercise induced asthma. Symptoms usually begin after exercise and get worse about 15 minutes after exercise stops.

This piece of literature certainly has helped me and showed me i am not alone in symptoms after stopping exercise. Hope it helps others too.

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I believe that is correct, my GP a few weeks ago said everyone gets exercise induced asthma. very helpful.

That is along the lines of what I have discovered, cold dry air and high intensity exercise is worse. Warm humid conditions are fine. I guess thats why swimming is recommended, and I must say thats the one that caused my asthma, but also the one that least aggravates it.



There are two theories behind exercise induced asthma (EIA). These are the Thermal Theory (McFadden et. al. 1986, 1990, 1999) and the Osmotic theory (Anderson et. al. 1982, 1984).

The thermal theory is as you have explained that during exercise ventilation is increased and leads to mucosal cooling resulting in constriction of the blood vessels. At the end of exercise there is a rapid rewarming. It is this rapid rewarming that is thought to cause airway narrowing.

The osmotic theory is based on changes in the osmotic ballance of the airways resulting in the realease of histamine which causes the airway narrowing.


My Asthma is very much excercise induced... though at the mo it is Crutch induced!


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