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Waking up early


Do any other people at this time of year wake up at 4.30am or around this time every day?

I am getting fed up of seeing this time every morning as there is not a lot to do and it makes the day incredibly long. I am going to bed around 10pm each day and still i wake at 4.30am wide awake. I have tried going to bed later and I still wake up at that time. I do not have naps in the day. It just seems to make no difference. Is it just me who wakes early at this time of year? It is not my asthma that is waking me i am just waking up! Wide awake!


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Me too - as soon as it gets light I wake up. It used to really irritate me until I realised that I've got a couple of hours when I don't have to do anything so I make myself comfortable, listen to the birds and just drift. Usually I drop back off to sleep just in time to be woken up by the alarm at 6 o'clock :)


Me also birds tweeting sun shining and dad getting up all disturbs my sleep around this hour of the day! I usually stay in bed just laying there which usually means I drop off for a bit but mainly drifting in and out of sleep until around 7.45 when it's time to start the day !! X


yes your not the only one. I always go to bed at 10pm, and normally wake up at 6 or 7am which i have done all my life, but since it has started to get lighter earlier. I keep waking up at 4.30am even if i have a nap in the day, i cant stand waking up so early as there is nothing to do just go on the computor and watch dvds, and i find by afternoon i am tired so have to have a nap around 4pm, if i dont i feel really tired. i thought i was the only one doing this


I do! I tend to just doze until it's time to get up. I'm not completely sure whether it's my asthma waking me up or the light or a combination of both but I'm never awake enough to use my inhaler!


Yep, me too with asthma and the light. Got some new blackout roller blinds at a good price esp. considering window width which help a bit. Still waking up at 5 ish coughing though, grr waiting for 1st respiratory appt as nothing else asthma nurse/GP will give apart from pred.


I don't wake up quite that early but I do seem to have a tendency to wake up periodically from around 5ish - luckily I usually manage to go back to sleep but sometimes not - I often seem to bounce in and out of sleep, not quite awake or asleep.

I think this is probably related to breathing as I used to be able to sleep through anything including birds, light etc (still have some of that ability but not nearly as much as I used to - also I have annoying dreams based around feeling breathless which I guess is better than having the same feeling while awake!)

TJ, i know that annoying feeling! How long do you have to wait?


I used to get that in the summer, but it's not been a problem since I started sleeping with a blindfold on. It can also help a little bit with getting off to sleep too because it stops you from keep checking the time or your mobile etc.


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