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Stretched lungs feeling


Does any of you experience a feeling in your chest where your lungs kind of feel stretched, or a bit weird, kind of like tingly or numb?

I sometimes get it the day after a busy day. I personally think it is my chest telling me i have done more than it can cope with at the present time but was just wondering if any one else got this feeling?

(in light of past scares, my asthma is happy i have no symptoms as such just a weird feeling that i was wondering about so thought i would ask other asthma suffers)


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Hi Plumie,

Glad you are back here and home, hope it stays that way. I used to get the same feeling as you, it was usually after I done a lot, so would probably be the same for you, and knowing you, I would say that, thats a real possibility.

I know not of much help, but you know you're not the only one.



Im certainly feeling that at the moment, esp with the reflux.... on a strict diet now, no caffeine, alcohol, spicy food or chocolate...



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