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I put in for my prescription to be told i wasnt due it, i called the doctors to be told that i am only entitld to my prescription for 2 ventolin inhalers evry 2 months. Up until now i have always had 2 a month. I came home in tears how to they know how much i require, i having been exercising really hard and using a little more of my inhaler than usual. I think iits a disgrace that i have a medical condition and i am being refused medication. I only hope and pray that my kids never have to have the misfortune to have asthma.

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I would make an appointment urgently to see your doctor to have this decision explained to you....if u need medication then you need it.....although if you are using a lot of ventolin you need a medication review and possibly an add on therapy.

Good luck and don't be fobbed off!


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