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How easy is it to change GP?

Has anyone else found it hard to get help from their GP when their asthma is problematic? Advice appreciated!

I've been with my surgery for +10 years and was a 'normal' asthma patient until the last year.

Trying to get referrals arranged, medication updates, scans etc via my GP is proving difficult. I'm never refused the requests, they just dont materialise. eg I've been waiting since July for a dietician appointment as recommended by RBH (not just my request). Chasing doesnt seem to lead anywhere.

I'm worried that other GPs surgeries wont want to touch me with a barge pole as I mustbe an expensive patient being in and out of Costa at least once a month, with the full bingo list of meds, registered disabled and has the additional costs of RBH appointments/stays.

I've tried bringing in paperwork, supplying lists of outstanding requests and asking nicely but to no avail.

Is it worth persisting at my current surgery or would I be better elsewhere?


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That sounds rather difficult. Have you tried talking to the practice manager? Having problems myself but with consultant referral to RBH.

In regards to changing practices, it depends if others in your area are taking on new patients, not sure they can refuse on your medical reasons. Again could be worth talking to the practice first.

Haven't changed for the same reasons but have moved several times and generally had no problems. Notes can take a while to be transferred so it may be an idea for you to keep repeat prescriptions and letters to show a new practice.


It's very easy to change! and no you can't be declined on your medical history.

Just walk into the GP that you want to change to, fill in a form and your done, then the new surgery requests your notes from your old practice (which may take couple of weeks).

Good luck



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