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Hi there,

I'm 20 years old and have quite severe asthma. I am absolutely desperate to learn to how to drive, since, as anyone out there with health problems will know, there's nothing more frustrating (barring the actual health problem itself) than having to rely on everyone's help when all you really want to be able to do is look after yourself.

However, I realise that in order for me to take driving lessons I am going to have to use the driving instructor's company car, which will undoubtedly have an array of air-fresheners, odour-eaters and the like squirted through-out the interior - what with these being major irritants to any asthmatic, I ask if anyone out there can recommend a driving lesson company where either the intructor had asthma themselves (and so would naturally refrain from using any air-fresheners in the car), or even if you have come across a company where some of their cars are specially designated to suiting an asthmatic's needs.

Many thanks to anyone who can help,


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I would speak to several driving schools, about your difficulties, and find which one is the most accommodating. Explain to them how sensitive you are and ask them to refrain from using any products for example 24 hours before your lesson that might set you off.

Of course you are going to have to be prepared for other pupils prior to your use of that car to have maybe wearing products that you might find ireratent or having animal dander on their clothes.



I had driving lessons with BSM and had no problems at all, the car didn't stink of air fresheners etc ... not sure if thats a companyt policy but the cars are the instructors therefore it maybe the instructors choice if they use them or not?! When you ring up ask, and of you can try and get the same instructor so that they are then aware of your situation mine was lovely adn i keep my inhlaer on the dash board for easy access!

If you are a student did you know that you can get a discount when booking with BSM and if you book in bulk sessions its cheaper? and any sessions that you dont use you can be refunded for!?

I ve been driring for about a year now and pased my test in May and i absolutley loooooove driving an now as i am at uni means i can actually do things for myself like get to lectures!! It maybe expensive but defo worth it ..... Happy Driving!

Katie xx

Ps anymore questions then feel free to ask...


Hi deejay,

Can you activate your profile and private messaging so that i can reply!

Katie x


my driving instructor didnt have any airy things around in his car, and i'm sure you can ask that you have a no smoking car and that they take all the airy things out the day you come and have the windows open for a while or something? if you are in london i can give you the number my instructor if you want?


Regarding smoking in learner cars, I would have thought that as it is an enclosed space and a place of 'work', that it would be techically illegal to smoke in the car anyway.

My instructor was very good and also you can ask for an extended test time if you need to = eg for rests etc.



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