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Northampton general hospital


I had a severe attack on friday night and ended up being taken by ambulance to the A&E department at northampton general.

I was wondering if any of you have been to this hospital and had bad experiences?

I am usually admitted to resus but I was just put in a cubicle and left there, a nurse came to see me on arrival and then all the staff seemed to be dealing with drunks rather than the seriously ill. I was left for 3 hours without seeing a doctor, at one point i was drifting in and out of conciousness and nobody came to help me or my mum. Then i was taken off to x-ray before anyone had seen me. The porter took me off oxygen when i should have still been on it. The care was just awful.

Does anybody know how we would go about making a complaint about the care I recieved?


claire xxxx

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Hi claire

Really sorry yp here about your experience at Northampton!! I cant personally comment on that hospital as never been but can say my local hospital when i get admitted the paramedics ring ahead to tell them its me and i go straight to resus where doctors nurses and ITU consultant are waiting i usually end up being tubed straigt away cus they now me amd the outcome is always ventilation so just lately they have been tubeing me sooner rarther then later!!!

But a few years back they were dreadfull, even tho the ambulance would ring through but they still would put me in a cubicle and i would be left not for hours but for at least 40 min before anyone would come in by this time i would be well knocked of and required ventilation ....luckly ITU know me and i spoke to them on the wards and in ITU about this well they went mad a complaint was put in and it was sorted!!! well at least i persume it was anyway cus now everyadmission for my chest i routinely go to ITU ..

But what you should do is get in contact with the PALS organisation they should be one at the hospital they usually ask some details and then get you to write a complaint or they will ask u to go down and you will tell them and they will write it..

hope this helps and its sorted nobody should be left that long after 4 hours of nott being treated its called a (breach) which is where the hospital get charged for it and there national ranking goes down the quicker ppl are seen and treated the better the hospital performance rateings are ..

Hope you are all recoverd now and you manage to get it sorted sorted !!!

good luck and keep well !! xx

love Roxy x


Hi Claire

so sorry about your bad experience, all I can say is that I was born there and lived in the area until I was 19 and ended up there many many times and always had excellent treatment.

I think all hospitals have a PALS service which I think stands for patient advice liasion service or something like that, I used them once at sheffield when I had pros getting my op and they were great, ring the hosp and ask to be put through as they are the main starting point for all patient problems and complaints.

Take care



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