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Help - How Do Can I Choose A Good Consultant!!!!!!!!!!

I have been to hell and back with 3 consultants over 3 years. My doctors surgery have finally allowed me to do the choose and book system. My question to you all, can anyone recommend a decent consultant at either Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, SE5 or St Helier Hopsital, Carshalton. I have been told that Dr Sawicka at Farnborough Hospital (PRUH, Princess Royal) is good can anyone confirm this. I have had to chuck my dummy out of my pram so many times to get my doc surgery to let me do this so really want to get it right. Any advice you can give me will be much appreciated. Thank you everyone. Sally xxx

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Although I can't help as I live nowhere near you or these hospitals I just wondered why you have not been allowed to choose where to go before now? I did mine mostly by looking online at their write ups on hospital websites and reputation of hospital and recommendation. Also saw one registrar of consultant once and rung and asked not to be put on his list again as I felt his care/treatment was second rate for me compared to previous docs and they were fine about it as I went about it in a different people/different docs kind of way.


Don't know any of those hospitals sorry. Not sure if you know who the consultant is when you use choose and book though. I've used it a couple of times online and only found out who the doctor was when I get the hospital appointment letter. Maybe you can by phone though?


My 1st consultant refer me to her colleague as she was too brisk and I couldn't relate with her. Her choice has a great bedside manner. I have know him for 4 years and he is wonderful. I went to Kings college the asthma nurse was very informative but I was not impressed by the hospital A+ E department they are innunated.

Sorry I don't know the other hospitals. I do know its important your relationship with you consultant is sound so you get the best care, so I wish you well.



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