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funding for sof sets and chrono syringes

Hi all,

just need some help as up till now and for the last two years my sof sets and chrono syringes have been supplied by my district nurses. they have now told me they will nolonger supply them, the gps practice manager is saying that i cannot have them from them as cannot get them on prescription!

she is trying to sort something with the PCT but doesnt wish to hold her breath, want to ask who supplies most peoples, is it their PCT or are they from the local or specialist centres,

hope someone can help,

ta and best wishes George xx

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Mine are suppllied through Dns but it took letters from dermatology and resp cons and a complaint to a person higher than dns dept to agree it as I have to change sof sets each day.

I would contact your local Pals who should help you through what to do. Its a bit unfair of your GP being so negative but sadly depts are all tightening budgets and looking for ways to save money.

When I was facing a possible battle I started to price up the cost of normal lines and equipement as opposed to sof sets and it use to work out similar in price and the same for syringes although I think for chronos the syringes are a little more exspenisve .

It neeeds to be put acorss that sof sets are a similar price to normal stuff and that if they dont supply you then the cost of a bed in hospital each night is far greater.

A supporting letter from your chest team will help.

I think your first port of call is PALS to ge someone to help you and support you.

Recently the DNS who orders my stuff was on leave and I rang it through only to be asked to justify why I was using them and did I know how much they cost. I said i dont have to there is written authority for the order yet she continued to argue and refused to order the items putting down the phone on me. I went to Pals who sorted it out again.

Sadly its a sign of the times that medical needs are being put second to cost and budgets yet, people like Dns did not train to become managers of money. I do feel for them.


thanks speedy

do your dns put your needles in or do anything for you, mine dont so their arguement was i am not their pt,

g x


They do come and do bloods for me if needed but like this week gp did home visit so did them.

Anything I need doing my gp will request them to do it but re needles etc they do not get involved with me and although they were trained in how to use the chrono they have no idea and are clueless where anything to do with my chest condtion is concerned.

The couple of things they would proably do my hubby has ben trianed to do it.

I think the important thing to remember is Dns job is not normally with patients like us . If they are not being helpful you could ask your gp to liase with them and explain your circumstances. Also you could ask your resp cons to copy them into any clinic letters so it helps keep them informed of you current health problems.


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