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pretty sos medical jewlery

hi all,

went to the allergy show this afternoon and found a stand with this very pretty sos jewlery, not the cheapest, but if you would like something that does what it says on the tin but looks nice too, or one the kids are more likly to wear have a look at this web site

icegems.co.uk or call 08451259539

best wishes to all george xx

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Just a quick note, personally I don't want pretty I want easily identifiable, which the medic alert is, every paramedic, all A&E's and world wide the medic alert is recognised. The less it looks like a fashion accessory and the more it looks like a medical alert bracelet the better! I also want the people looking after me in an emergency to be able to access vital information about me which they can also do through something like medic alert, I have called several times changed my medication lists, each time it has cost me nothing to make those alterations, they can also get a full range of contact details for my NoK including address not just a phone number.


Has anyone seen this one nextofkin.com

They are pretty much the same as medicalert, but I think they are a bit cheaper...It works in the same way, you ring up and change your details etc...

I saw them in a local pharmacy.


thought i would have my two pennies worth and say I agree with Bex also that medi alerts need to be simple and easily recognizable by the emergency services as they are vital and useful tools for emergency's. And without one The hospital jaycie is at would not have known what they could and could not treat her with and her other medical conditions, and with out one would have been even harder to treat.etc.Also can i tell you about a digital USB device that carries all the medical information on and is key ring size not sure how jaycie got hers but i am sure if you google it you may find this another useful tool.


Hi Dave, I hope Jaycie is doing OK today, I think you might be talking about this medistick.ch/en/ it looks interesting especially as it is translated into 5 languages, very useful for those who go abroad (German, French, Italian, Spanish, English).

It seems pretty recognisable and I think as time goes on more and more hospitals will recognise this sort of device and know what to do with it, I have my doubts about Torbay knowing what to do with it! I think I will do some research into how widely these are recognised.



Nice idea but I too like mine plain!

Though I do occasionally weave a thin ribbon through the bracelet chain to match a smart outfit.

I also wear other bracelets around it too!



I like medic alert because of their database system, and the fact that if you call the emergency number, they have operators that can translate into many languages. very useful if something happens when you're on holiday.

I do buy silver charms for it though, from the jewellers. There are lots available and you can just clip various charms onto it depending on your outfit. Not thought about putting a coloured ribbon though it to match outfit though! Kate, you have given me another idea to try!


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