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The Asthma Shop

Hey guys I was just wanting to gage your opinions on the new shop thats evolving online as we speak, I stumbled across it a few weeks ago on Facebook and was wondering what you guys thought. I purchased a few books from the BookStore and have already learned sooo much more about my asthma than what i have been told by my doctor. The books have helped me explore a range of complimentary therapies to use alongside my prescribed asthma medication. Any thoughts? Anyone else incorporated any other therapies into their asthma managment program?

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<message removed as per T&Cs. Please do not use these message boards for commercial advertising>



Looks great, I just ordered a book for my son 'The Lion who has asthma'.



You stumbled across the shop that is listed as your occupation on your profile?! Yeah right, sure. The terms and conditions of this forum do state ""not to post messages advertising commercial products or services: these will be deleted"" so don't be surprised if your posts disappear. I do think though the website looks good so far e.g. the book store but the other sections need a lot of work, there's nothing else for sale despite all the tabs?


Thought it was an advert as soon as I read it!


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