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new - need some advice

my husband is 46 and over the past four nights has woken up with terrible coughing,tight chest and problems trying to breath.this usually happens between 2am and 4 am. He can not talk in full sentences and will not let me ring for an ambulance. He usually takes himself downstairs for an hour or two and then comes back to bed a lot better.. I have offered to call the ambulance - take him to the doctors etc etc but he is a stubborn as a mule and says he is ok.

I am assuming that he may be a possible asthmatic !!!!

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Omerod welcome.

we can only shere our experiences etc and your doc or 999 need to diagnose

the medical problem.It could be asthma or something else.

Welcome again and you will make lots of friends on here.

Good luck with your GP .love Glynis xxx


thanks glynis - i was just asking could it be a possibility as it only occurs during the small hours of the morning...and being as stubborn as he is .... i just wondered thats all...

But thanks for your reply




Asthma can keep you awake and wake you up coughing.

hope he goes the docs if to bad




Sorry but we can't make any medical diagnoses here. It would be very unwise of anyone to do so because we can't see you and many of us here are not medically trained to do so.

Please, perhaps persuade him to see his GP or even call an ambulance if you are worried.

He is obviously suffering and broken nights may make him more grumpy & stubborn!

So the only advice here we can offer is see GP for a diagnosis, It may or may not be asthma.



I would agree with the previous posts, but don't assume asthma, it could be many things and also don't forget that during the hours around 3-4am the bodies metabolism is at it's lowest. Drag your hubby to the GP, he may not like it but sure being a woman you can be very persuasive.


thank you all for your comments - i got an email from the nhs direct with some information sheets from Asthma Patients Uk... i have eventually got my husband to agree to going to the doctors - it wasnt an easy task but i am so pleased he eventually agreed as he said he has been worrying about going to bed at night knowing whats going to happen....

He is to see the doc by the end of the week and i will let you know the outcome.

Once again thanks all - your support has been truly appreciated..


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