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Just a quick one to let you all know after a long wait william got his DLA excepted and on higher rate with both components. His car is on order and his shelter for the garden is being built which means he can still go out and get the fresh air with out the worry of him getting soaked.

Any one thinking of applying for DLA or has been turned down have another go but before you send your forms in get doctors letters school letters health visitor letters to back you up. if you send the letters in then you dont have to wait for them to ask for the letters, and belive me this is far quicker.

hope everyone well



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Clare that is fabulous news clearly much deserved. One wee small thing that obviously does not apply to you they do follow up letters often by phone so don't over egg the pudding because they don't need much of an excuse to turn your claim down. My renewal was very quick but I know that RBH were written to and my GP was called. This information comes from someone who works for the DLA, they also randomly select some claims for extra checking and asthma ones are often pick on.


hi im glad it has all worked out for you i applied for my daughter weeks ago and have not heard anything i dont think she will get it but have given it ago i dont think people understand how bad eczema and asthma can be and how hard it can be to live with i am a single mum that works full time and have had a nightmare finding childminders as they say they find it too difficult as she gets an attack very easily and can often hardly walk as a skin is so bad sometimes i think it would be easier to stay at home to care for her.


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