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Noisy breathing

Hi, I've only been diagnosed a few months ago, so still getting used to things. Just wondered if anyone else has really noisy breathing, I mean apart from wheezing ,and almost like whistling sounds when breathing in and out, and have had gurgling also. it has only been in the past 2 weeks while I have been struggling with what the gp/ asthma nurse think are seasonal allergies. Have blocked sinuses also and get really short of breath, but, worried because the sounds come from lower in chest also, can actually feel vibration on my ribcage. Gp said my lung sounds were normal! Anyone else get this?

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i get like this too, you're not alone with it. :)


Thanks, good to know. I was beginning to think something else was wrong with my lungs.


I thought slight whistling noise was wheezing, at least the kind you can hear yourself? Confused now...

I breathe quite noisily, usually at night - whistling noise and just general noise. I also cough a lot and sometimes get a strange growling noise from my chest.

(Qualifier: I may well not have asthma at all and if I do it's not as severe as others on here - but I thought I'd share as I do get a bit of noisy breathing so wanted to assure you that you're not alone! My lungs always sound completely normal as well; I don't wheeze often if at all and of course never at the drs...)


I get really wheezy, but my wife said i make some strange whistling kind of noise when i sleep.

She also said an elbow in my side or back shuts it up for a bit, but not completely.

Some asthmatics dont wheeze apparently :)


Thanks for your replies folks.Saw gp again yesterday as they wanted to hear my chest sounds during an attack. Have now been referred to chest clinic again for urgent appointment, and started on my 4th course of antibiotics in a month and more prednisolone. Gp said she wasn't sure what was going on , it could be uncontrolled asthma or low grade pneumonia! Feels like it never ends, so tired and more time off work and so difficult to spend time entertaining an active 3 year old. Sorry for the moan, know there are a lot of people on here a lot worse than me.


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