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Asthma UK magazine - Bill Bailey interview

Hello. I do hope you can help me. Unfortunately, I have recycled my copy of Asthma magazine from earlier on this year (2008) that featured the Bill Bailey interview. Could any body else that subscribes to this message board remind me what the article said about the age that Bill was first diagnosed with asthma. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Just pulled it out the bin!!! it says he was first diagnosed at 11 when he had his first attack then it went away for a while till he was at a swimming class then he had another and it went from there .. hope this helps


Brillant comedian, just seen his new DVD of his gig at Wembley, he was jumping around so much on the stage at one point he moaned about how is Asthma was playing up as a result. So even the famous are afflicated. Have also been lucky enough to see him live twice at small gigs.


PS If you can borrow, buy or rent his latest DVD, laughed so much.

Warning before watching, make sure you have dry underwear, inhalers, nebs to hand, as laughter might result in the need to use one or all of these.


LMAO katina lmao!! .... Hahahahah hahahah hahaha! Luv this guy sooo much he makes me giggle. Live at the apolo usually features him 2-but also has jack dee aswel... Check out dave-the tv channel of an evening if u like ur comedy! Te he he he! Xxxx


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