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Hi everyone

Hi all

Really hope that things are settling down on here again now...the last thing some of you need at times of such a low point in health is something like that, so just wanted to say that I might not be around as much on here as before but am thinking of all of you that helped me so much during Snowys bad times, and hope that those captured get to escape soon and get back to full health asap.

I also wanted to say that I hope the forums can get back to what they do best and thats support people, whoever and whatever, I can honestly say that without the kind support of so many of you on here I would never of coped with what we went through a few months ago, and would hate to think that the same level of empathy and kindness would not be there again should I or anyone else ever need it, to loose that would be such a shame.

And thanks to the mods who put a stop to it all and had some very valid points to say!


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Hi Alex, great to see you on the forum.Its a great place for support and friends and a rant when need to.↲

Thinking of you all and be great see snowy back on when shes a lot glynis x


Wishing you and the family all the best.


Alex. Can you text me or fb me or private message me on here?


Hello, these forums & mods thanks

Hello Alex,

Only just seen this. Not sure what exactly started but found the people making such statements more offputting personally. Have to say I'm glad the forums are here even if not the same anymore and thanks to the mods too.

Keep in touch :)


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