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Removal of Snowys Posts - just for info


Just to let you know that Cathbear has kindly deleted all my posts and the ones that others put on for me whilst snowy was at her worst, just incase anyone wonders where they have gone!, its a great relief for me knowing that she wont ever stumble accross these when she is better, as there are some things we are all better of not knowing & for me better off forgetting!

We have kept the one from the day she was extubated and onwards, but didnt feel it appropriate for her to read all the other stuff!

Thanks Cathy for doing this for me, and everyone for their help and support, the posts might be gone but for me never fogotten!


2 Replies

Thanks for letting us know. Must be a relief as you say


thanks alex :)

thats good to hear! its better it come from u or cons than her read on here wot been going on...

hugs galore - love you :P xxx


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