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doctors being rubbish

I dont know if anyone else has had problems with thier doctor. But my asthma has been getting worse and out of breath when doing everything. Saw my asthma nurse last month who said i should see the doctor about it and wait for the results for my blood test as me being out of breath could be caused by other things, so went to the doctor yesterday blood results are normal so i know it is my asthma but the doctor did not even do anything like listen to my chest or ask about how i am been feeling and just said go back to asthma nurse so getting told different things, and instead they are going to let me suffer even more, the doctor had no common sense and said she was going to prescibe me differnet meds but never did and gave me back paperwork that she was meant to keep, but i am stubborn and am going to back on 24/11 and i will get it sorted as i dont no for a answer and no one messes around me with

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That sounds pretty awful, nothing worse than feeling you have an inattentive doctor. Our doctor is great also my son's consultant; they don't always have the answers but they are very kind and good listeners.

Are you able to go to another doctor in the practice? We can't always see our own doctor and I know all the doctors in our practice, some are definitely 'better' than others. My late father in law changed his doctor (of about 20) years to another doctor in the same practice and was really glad he did it.


could do but that is the second doctor in the sugery that has been rubbish, last surgery neglected me, there is a good sugery that is open longer but further away, the trouble is there is no engilsh doctors in my surgery and i want a engilsh one who can understand, not waste a double appiontment, and understand that i will know my conditions better them them and just in genera; do what i ask off and take me seriously, i am used to struggling with health everyday but no one wants to suffer when they know doctors can do somthing but are too lazy


Sinead, what medication are you on at the moment?

I saw 4 doctors and an asthma nurse, 3 of whom are English and I got no where until I asked for what I needed, now I am much better.


ventolin, seretide and montelukast. I have asked to try more meds and even a refferal as i feel they are not helping, they just seem lazy and i know it is getting worse as had it all my life. asthma nurse said see see doctor and wait for blood results ( which were normal) and then doctor said go back to asthma nurse and i know what asthma nurse will say feel like i am being thrown from person to person and no one wants to sort it out


I was in this situation last year. My old GP refused point blank to send me to another consultant because she said that all chest doctors are the same, it didnt matter at all that the guy i was seeing was a cardiologist... work that one out for me, I havn't a clue, who believed asthma was one of those false conditions.

Is there any other doctor you can see? As I would hate for you to go through what I did, a string of almost every other day admissions and too many experiences where I could have so easily lost. Besides that, the damage that poor control has left me with has effected my life in so many ways.

Keep on going, you will get there


Understand where you are coming from re GP that has the same accent at least if not language. And yes, its a bit racist to say that but sometimes meanings, and what we are trying to describe, do get lost in translation. I've audio-typed enough hospital clinic letters to know that. Like hearing back a certain registrar's tape where he said he had put the patient's broken wrist into a belownee cast. I wondered what on earth a belownee cast looked like.

Turned out to be a below-knee cast. Turned out the chap had heard the word in a one-y and presumed it was the type of plaster used rather than a where used. LOL

PS When I learnt Scots Gaelic, we were taught that some of the islands had similar words but with different meanings ie Bàta = Boat, while Bata = Stick. They sound similar but when you're writing that you're going to get up early to see the new ferry and write the word for 'stick' instead, well it would read a bit daft.


Have you phoned Asthma UK ? they told me what to ask for - I can`t thank them enough for their expert help


I'm really lucky with our surgery. The asthma nurse, nurse practitioner & GPs work together really well. I only have to phone up these days to get advice and a prescription for steroids left for me if I am desperate. If you are unhappy with your GP then shop around for a new surgery. I am sometimes surprised that my peak flow is not as bad as my chest feels but I know if leave it without doing something I will be in trouble.

I am a new asthmatic (2 yrs ago I was diagnosed) but am still learning how to get it right.


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