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Access to work

I have got a job trail( which are easy to get), start today and dont know for how long but i hope she offers me the job, i am a bit scared about working with my health so bad but got the job centre on my back to find somthing, and did not have the chance to tell the owner about my health and that i do have to have appiontments.

i have read about access to work scheme and thinking about using it but dont know how long i will be at the trail or if i even get the job, but i would like to ask if anyone else has used access to work, what werer thier experainces and what support did they recieve

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Hi Sinead,

I have used A2W in the past (sadly I'm off sick again...) but they are very helpful. They assess you on your needs depending on what you need to enable you to stay in work. Mine included taxis to and from work and a special chair made out of memory foam.

It's worth speaking to them and support is pretty quick. I think from applying to getting support was about a fortnight.



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