angry with doctors

Had a really fustrating morning, i had a double doctors appiontment at 10.30, bus was 15 mins late and had to walk to the surgery so made quite late, this was not my fault i was late, i left in plenty of time. when got there doctor would not see me even for 5 mins despite my appiontment still being atcive and him not seeing anyone else, i said it was really important and that to be seen then, the doctor knew it was very important as the asthma nurse put a notice on the system to let them know that my meds had to be sorted for the weekend, surely there was a doctor or nurse free for a couple of mins to get my inhalers, they got my so angrey, and would not even bother to do anything, there personal skills are apalling, that i am wondering why i bother sometimes, when they knew i had to be seen today. was not like they were busy, all the staff just around chatting and 5 people in the waiting room. i did say to the practise nurse that the bus was late and not everthing has cars or can afford taxi's, there manners are digusting and the way they spoke to me was not on and i was not putting up with so was really abrupt and rude to them like they were to me, and said i would be complaining about their awful service, is stupid as i find the nurses the best there, but managment is shocking.

now i can get a appiotment untill next friday so that is another week of struggling with the asthma and other conditions, well the way they treated me will come back and bite them as they dont know that am seeing MP this afternoon, and bringing up about the awaful medical care in this area, along with my charity, i made sure that went in the surgery i done my reasearch and noted thier behaviour and rate of skills and work and what they had on disaplayed, as i feel like i need to improve the non medical side of doctors and thier surgerys.

is also really annoying that when i was in aylesbury the doctors were really good, but the catchment area here is clueless and there are loads of surgries in the city but there are only two take my estate despite there being ones i pass on my way to the doctors so they are clearly closer, many more take the centre, and where i live we could not be any close to the centre, there is just a brigde and then we are there, is just so stupid, so really unhappy and annoyed that have to struggle with breathing for another week, i need to find a doctor with more doctors and better personal skills and one that is closer

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  • Sinead18

    You've had an awful morning - even if your GP genuinely couldn't see you because of your problelm with the bus there should be an emergency appointment that you could have had. Fingers crossed that you can get your MP on your side - maybe he/she can help you get to another surgery. Let us know how you get on.


  • Sorry you had a frustrating morning, but it was neither yours nor the GP's fault you were late. You cannot expect him to hold up the rest of his patients because you were late. i'm not suprised they wouldn't see you the way you behaved. It's also hard for ootsiders to know when a doctors is busy them 'standing around talking' may have been work related my gps receptionists do the same. Maybe look at the way you behave you are not the only patient the practice sees, they will have many people with long term conditions. Being polite rather than flying off the handle at them will in the long run be better for you!

  • aww sory you had a bad time at the doctors. My doc and asthma nurse will see me the same day if for asthma and speak to me on the phone if that would do. Also got a walk in centre 8-8 7days a week if need it and A n E near buy. Can your doc ring you and do it on phone if knows what you want ?x

  • To be honest Florence I know where you are coming from and people are only trying to do their jobs but on the other hand Sinead was only a few minutes late, surely the doctor could have seen the next patient in line and then squeezed Sinead in. How often do people actually get to see their doctor at the appointed time anyway, more often than not I am kept waiting for 30 or so minutes in a packed stuffy waiting room full of bugs and viruses.

    What happens if Sinead now takes a bad turn before she can get in to see her doctor ?

    Don't worry though, she can call an ambulance and go to AnE just for the sake of a few minutes of common sense this morning.

    I must admit, I think that I may have lost my temper in a similar situation


  • I carnt understand why they sent someone away with asthma problems.

    I would deff ring up again to get in sooner and complain .

    Does your docs have emergency places that you have to ring up first thing to be seen ?

    take care and hope you get sorted soon .

    love Glynis xxx

  • I am sorry you had a bad time. I realise that doctors surgery are busy and go out of my way not to trouble my doctors. although if they happen to see me they do actually give me an on the spot appointment.

    I spend alot of time in hospital and they get all the discharge letters. I get so unwell i rarely see the Gp any more. But if my drugs ran out etc that would mean an asthma flare and hospital treatment. so I ensure i have extra supplies of medicines.

    I guess it was difficultto stay calm so they were not any more helpful. I do know its dangerous to be without important meds.

    Maybe the Mp can get to the root cause. I wory about the new system about giving gp more powers they don't have time to see patients now so how wil this help. My gp is ok but i have had 2-3 severe asthma attacks after they said i was ok. They told me to go to hospital if its the asthma as they can't help in this area. They have nebs but no oxygen outlets.


  • Maybe being on a waiting list is the problem...........


    however, there is no such thing as a asthma neb waiting list.

    so do one and stop being a hypercondraic and a faker!!!!!!!

  • Losing your temper, no matter how annoying never works. It is really unfortunate if your bus is late or you are stuck in a traffic jam, but this is not the GP's fault. May I suggest to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they are stuck in traffic, or the bus is late to give the receptionist a telephone call before you arrive and explain the situation. I had to do this last summer when some temporary traffic lights were causing major delays. My surgery were very understanding, and said that they would just slot me as and when I arrived. Politeness costs nothing, offensive remarks, ill manners will cost you big time. May I add this is a general response and I am just suggesting a more positive and hopefully productive response in dealing with what probably happens in hundreds of GP surgeries every week. Hundreds of hours across the country are wasted in GP time by patients either turning up late or not at all. Every one has the responsibility to themselves to make sure they are aware of their practice's late arrivals policy, and act appropriately.

  • really sorry that u ad a rough time dnt blame u 4 seein a mp, my gp has open surgery between 8.30 and 10.30 and emergancy open surgery in the afternoons btween 4 and 6, i thought all surgerys were the same? it works gr8 for our surgery freein up appointments and prevents alot ov appoinments being mist, ive been late for app a few times only by 10 mins here and there but neva wud they turn any body away or have attitude, (they have attitude if ppl turn up for emergancy appoinments in the afternoon if they dnt think its a emergancy but thats just the receptionist, if the asthma nurse put it on the comp the doc shudnt ava prob wiv doing u a prescription ova the fone hope it gets sorted out for u swn x x

  • To Faker Hater

    Your response to Sinead is extremely rude and aggressive. This message board is here to help those in difficulties, regardless of how they came about. We are here to be supportive and offer advice to turn difficult situations/experiences around so that those around us can get a positive life despite the complexities of their health and back grounds. We are not here to judge.

    The fact that we are unable to see your identity shows that you are no doubt aware you have caused offense, and I am sure many others will be offended by your behavior like myself. I have also taken steps to report your post to the mods.

  • Well said Katina

  • very well said knocked me bk abit didnt think there were ppl like him on this site, ur 1 of few so if u dnt like wot ppl say dnt read it!

  • Well said Katina.

    Faker Hater, that was right out of order. Sinead has only come on here for some support as her surgery has let her down. This forum is set up to help people with asthma and the problems they encounter and we don't need people being that spiteful just because they don't agree with someone.

    Sinead, I was sorry to hear of your negative experience and really hope you can get either listed with a more competent surgery or get an apology from that one. Or even both. xx

  • i too have reported it.

    It is true that maybe you should have dealt with it in a different way HOWEVER no matter what the situation and how you came to be in it, we are here to support you and not to make rude remarks like the person further below!

    With regards to the appointment being lost, I do believe that they should have slotted you in no matter what the reason you had for being late, as you were sick and the doctors are there to treat the sick. at the end of the day although many hours are lost every week in surgeries and i sympathise with management for getting annoyed with that, surgeries are not machines that are there to work perfectly, but are there to make people well again. THAT is their true cause and it is disgusting that they denied care for you, especially when it was not just a runny nose!

    but that is just my opinion based on experience. maybe the receptionist who dealt with you had an equally bad day as you and just behaved that way? whichever it is, i hope you get it sorted soon and get the care you need! at the end of the day i am here to support you Sinead and not the surgery who denied you care- for whatever reason!

    Love Lizzie xxx

  • Well said Katina,

    Sinead18, needed support and understanding and not to have a rude response.

    Yes we all get a little angry when we have a bad day and feel we are getting know where at

    a time we really need help.

    Hope you have taken on board the replies and hope post in a better manor and make friends.

    love Glynis xxx

  • I see the post has gone.

    To be honest Glynis if somebody is capable of posting such garbage I wouldn't want to see them post on here full stop.


  • Well said Katina (again)

  • *like*

  • glad its been sorted and we have mods to take care of us all xxx

    EDIT-Deleted double post sorry guys!!!

  • glad its been sorted and we have mods to take care of us all xxx

  • I think doctors should understand that when people are sick and worried, they have short tempers. I think stress/anxiety does that?

  • Agreed, it certainly does with me

  • Hi sinead18,

    I just wanted to echo what others have said, you do have support on here and many of us use this forum to rant.

    Take care,


  • well thanks everyone for the kind words, i do come on here for support and advice and the support is what keeps me going, as poeple on here know living with asthma is hard, i did not fly of the handle was just fustrated because a nurse or doctor could of seen me for 2 mins as i had to get my inhalers changed before the weekend, and was just fustrated as was struggling with asthma and breathing and feeling unwell, it has become very fustrating as been struggling with breathing for months and already asked my doctor to change my meds 3 times and has not been done, so surely people can why i was a bit fustrated as feels like getting nowhere, like last time i went to doctors i got there and just got repeats and was given the wrong tablets. yet like many have been saying, i do understand that many dont turn up for thier appiontments but i always do and sometimes the doctors are under pressure, but with 5 people in the waiting room

    glad that post has been taken off as there is no need for that, it actually made me cry, and would be offensive to so mnay others on here, i struggle daily with all my conditions while trying to lead a normal life and that is the last thing i need, dont know what they were going on about as i never talked about nebs or a neb waiting list in my post niether did i say my asthma is severe, as i dont know if it is, i just know it is poorly controlled and current meds i am not responding too.

    this person clearly does not have asthma and i dont even know what they are doing on the boards, and to call me a fake and hypocrondaicte( the person is stupid as they mean the same thing) when he dosent know me or my illness, god knows how i can be faking, with all the med and hospital appiontments i have, there is nothing more that i would like then to not have to struggle everyday with pain and asthma, not have to take loads of medications

    am over it now

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