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the DWP really are starting to annoy me now, me and partner are living of 65 a week, making it harder with my health and disabilty. it is really annoying that i cant even afford clothes let alone things to help me with conditions, but of course DWP people would never understand what it is like to be without money. They refused me DLA ( mobilty) is is really not fair as i have a disabilty and struggle to walk without severe pain and discomfort, just because i do get out does not mean that i dont struggle and am not entilted to it when i know i am, also am out of breath everyday and that makes it harder to walk and getting weakness in leg. the fustrating thing is that it took 2 months and reports from GP and physio who both know the troubles i am having. I know i can get it as am also registered as disabled with the council. But will take it to a tribunal, get professional advice and keep fighting them untill i get what i am entilted to

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  • I was refused too, even though I can barely walk more than a few steps (literally just across my small bedsit on some days) and or brush my long hair (in better days, my hair was my pride and joy) without getting breathless, wheezy and needing a nebuliser, yet the DWP say this is not a problem and refused me DLA. I do find it rather insulting I have to carry on, yet someone who is either alcoholic or addicted to illicit drugs gets DLA, and they did it to themselves, It really isn't fair

  • I was refused first time but on appeal won my case, Winged Angel you are brittle like me so I wouldn't give up the fight, so understand where you are coming from in your post. Simone I don't want to pry into your other health problems, but getting DLA for your Asthma, I would be surprised because according to your profile you are only on the minimum of Asthma drugs. DLA is for those who are severely affected by their disability. If you are applying because of your other conditions, well then you should appeal. But having one preventive asthma inhaler shouldn't qualify anyone to have DLA. If having one medication for a condition qualifies for DLA then the large majority of the British people would and should have it.

  • I too have just been turned down for DLA after an appeal so it's off to another tribunal! I got turned down at the tribunal stage earlier in the year but I just keep going, this time round I got awarded middle rate care which is one step further than before but I still need to get them to try and see my mobility needs. I really don't think they know what brittle asthma is but they seem to have also moved the goal posts on how far you can walk, if they followed the original criteria which was on my last application I would have got it this time round, typical hey!

  • No I applied for my mobilty because i have a curved spine is causes intense pain everyday and has caused my hips to be uneven which causes the difficulty in walking, have have use to walking and still have to stop very regulary, and now have difficulties with more things like stairs, bending down, getting etc. got my physio on monday so will help with some of the pain, and get advice on equipment, had to see OT. just annoys me that people get it for a ""bad back"" or somthing small then they go out walking and looking fine, how comes they get but people with actual disabilties dont, they wont even know what it is like to live with a condition/disabilty for the rest of thier lives. well am going to write to them to get a tribunal and get help from centre for intergrated living. They can push me all they want but i will win. I am meant to have a wheelchair but cant because of all the obstacles in and around my house, and have to move as house is unsuitable. Feels like my doctor and physio are not on my side as they know full well how i struggle. Most likly dont help that because of my dsylexia i struggle and dont understand how far is a metre, yard or foot, they said i dont need supervisison outside because i have anxiety and that i can walk 100 yards( i did not put that far) so they have changed the info i put

  • Well I wish you the best with a tribunal, but it is going to be difficult if your physio and doctor are not supportive,

  • Sinead18, I had the same problem, they changed what I said about not needing any help outside and that I could care for myself, although there are days when my partner has to cook for me (they said I could do this myself), clean for me, and help me wash or dress at times.

    Its almost as though they will do anything to deny benefits to those in need, yet for those of us who struggle horribly through no fault of our own, we get told to go away.

    I hope you can get help in your tribunal

  • yeah i hope so well my doctors have never been supportive i think they feel itmidated because i know a lot about my conditions and know what treatment i should have and i know a lot about my body as have studied it. i am going to CIL tomorrow to see thier equipment and to get advice and see what they say. will make sure that my doctor and physio have the correct info and the DWP are aware of the OT and that i am registred as disabled. I am about to write the letter to them saying that i want to appeal and that they can push me am much as they like but i will win and get it. it is so wrong that they change things on the form without us knowing, they do that so they dont have to give the money to people that really need it. really angers me that i am in desperate need of money yet DWP will turn me down for everything, could not even get a crisis loan so i could move as house is unsafe for my and putting my health at risk, and they said it is not,( well how would they know that). but they feel free to give lazy people loads of money who have not even got anything physically or medically wrong with them, and they just fake. they have no idea what it is like to live with mtuiple conditions and i am sure they would not lie about having one if they really knew what it is like to live every day with them, because i will let them have mine any day of the week and i am sure other people on here would agree

  • the fact that they give DLA to people who have NOTHING wrong with them is frankly insulting. A dear friend of mine (my ex's mum) has an inoperable brain tumour, she gets the smallest amount of DLA even though she is dying. Yet her friend is severely obese (not through ANY medical problems, just because she was lazy and sat around all day) and she got full DLA and incapacity.

    I also have multiple physical and mental health problems and they often play off one another, luckily my doctors are amazing and they really look after me.

  • My mum had dla since 1980 due to birth defects and reduced mobility. Due to a review they decided she no longer qualified. After waiting a year and at an appeal was the decision over turned.

    Only advice I can give is u must have a reason(s) for ground of appeal and state this in your letter. If able speak to citizen advice or a lawyer who specialises in money and law... U can get legal aid for this .Have medical back up to your claim. If able ask ot. Physio or dr for report in support of your claim . Ur lawyer or citizens advice can organise this. At the appeal u gotta state how it effects u . Not how other people get dla. They only want to know about u. .Also if ur symptoms are not evident 7 days a week they can decline your application.

  • That could have been why they refused me, as i have days (ok they are very few) when i can walk a little bit more or don't have constant pain. The reforms have made the whole DLA system very unfair and its almost as though you have to completely cripple yourself to get any help, Its disgusting

  • im seeing someone about my claim this week. have already been turned down by a non-medical person who spent more time talking to my teen than to me, didnt take into account that i have good and bad days, she couldnt speak english that well and couldnt understand my accent, told me that she didnt believe i took all of the medication i said i do!!!, basically its was awful but i wasnt well enough to appeal so having to start again. even my doc said its obvious that people are going to be refused as they dont want new claims. it has been said on here that if you are genuine then you will not be refused but i am 100% genuine and i was turned down- keep going with your claim and you will hopefully get the money that is needed to help with your care x

  • well have just filled out another form and just need to print it off and send it, because i struggle more i make sure i put down everything that i struggle with, which is most things, so hoping this will help, also wrote to the lady that made the decision asking for the reports as want to see what the doctor and physio wrote, going to CIL to see equipment and get advice and seeing OT agian to get more equipment, it is shame i cant have a wheelcahir because of where i live. I live 5 mins away from the city center which have everything but to get over the bridge there is 4 lots of stairs.

    yes it is digusts me when people who are generally disabled or really ill dont get anything but lazy people get loads, like see on telly where people get thousands by lying about mobilty then they get caught walking around fine, they just dont know know how lucky they are. I wish for one day i could walk fine and be without severe pain and not have to take about 20 medicines every day for the rest of my life

  • Yeah, that in itself makes me very angry. I too would like to be able to walk more than a few steps without struggling to breathe, or having to take 15 different medications every single day. Or having my partner having to help wash me or help brush my hair.

    Going to CAB and going to appeal and keep going until I get the help I need.


  • i got welfare rights to fill my form in as they know what to write and will automatically appeal on your behalf. they know what questions to ask you and therefore what to put on the form.

  • Hi

    I got turned down twice, went to citizens advice, they said it was because i was only applying for mobility side. so i applied for the care side as well, they adviced on what to write, especially the bit about preoparing a hot meal. the fact that my family have to carry hot pans drain them as i shake due to ventolin etc. Also have to prepare veg earlier in the day & sit on a stool to do it, all things i was doing but did not relealise were appropriate. Also it said ""do you need help with"" it should say "" do you have difficulty with"" like getting ready in the morning do you become breathless! When i appealed with the above changes & reports from my consultant i got lower level care & top mobility both indefenitately!

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