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getting things sorted out at doctors

i am trying to book a appiontment with my doctor to try and sort out asthma and other things, my support worker is going to come with me, but does anyone else have a thing with thier doctors where on the phone you cant book in advance which seems stupid as can if go to the surgery, this is wrong as i need to book in advance which so much going on and with last doctors i could do it. I have asthma which is getting a lot worse, anaemia, scoliosis, nueritits, eczema, weak bladder and allergys. and i am fed up of suffering and the doctors not caring about thier paitenets, i dont get enough time and come out with nothing sorted, all of my condtions are not controlled and is really pi**ing me of, yeah course thet dont care they not the ones living with any conditions, so they dont know what it is like, i cant even go to the surgery nearrest to me, but going to keep on at them and finally get health sorted and under control as fed up of have the symptoms every day

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I believe that every GP surgery has to accept advance bookings over the telephone; it would be ridiculous to make people travel there to make an appointment and then travel there *again* to attend it! I wonder if there's some confusion about what you're requesting?

Also, if you feel that you have a number of issues to deal with, you need to make sure you book one appointment slot for *each* issue you want to discuss. GP slots are only designed for a consultation about one thing. If you're booking in advance, you should be able to book two or three consecutive slots so you can get a nice long consultation in which you can get more stuff sorted out.


I can't prebook gp appt in fact i can't book to see gp at all have to ring surgery then wait for gp to ring back to triage me and decide if need to see gp of if can see practice nurse instead. Its a pain when you make the effort to go to work then have to travel back to see the GP.



Maybe if you let your doctor know when you do see them about your multiple complaints they can make suggestions that can help. They must deal with all sort of patients.

I told my gp that I am sick outside 9-5 and early mornings so how do I get to se him. I was informed in that case I need to get home visits. However if asthma emergency follow protocals and get sorted quickly.



i have a double appiontment for the week after next and my support worker is coming with me so she should make the doctor listen, when she rang up for me she was told could book in advance, but that is not what i was told a couple of weeks ago


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