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Nebuliser Broken

Just turned my nebulsier on and is sounds broken, has been working fine before, it is making a very awful noise and nothing is coming out, will check the air filter when my partner can take the cap off it as i have tried, but if that still does not work. how can i get it fixed as i brought it off amazon.

also would i be able to ring the hospital to see if they can me lend me one until mine is fixed, this is not the best timing with my lungs in a strop

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I am sorry that you are having problems with your nebuliser.

Have you tried contacting company that made your nebuliser they might be able to recommend a repair centre.


Thanks Yes I did contact omron

But i have got it sorted now, I contacted the company that i brought it off and they are sending out a replacement first class


I am so pleased you have got this sorted


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