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Xolair Yay

Hi again,

As you know I went to see my number one consultant to see whether I was a suitable candidate for Xolair. Well after waiting for a week for them to ring me I phoned the docs secretary to see what was happening. She went off to find out, armed with my blood test results and promised to ring me when she'd tracked him down.

She rang back yesterday morning and I have been approved for the Xolair and they will be able to administer it at Salisbury Hospital, which is 20 miles from me instead of having to travel to Southampton General, 40 miles away.

I'm really pleased that I can try the Xolair but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high in case it's not the wonder drug I'm hoping for. Apparently it will be a while before I get the first dose as they have to apply for the funding and stuff, but it's still good news, I'm not a hopeless case.

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Unlike SDH to offer to do it....



hope it works for you i was grand for a while then had a reaction but if it works it great best of luck xx1


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