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Consultant Appointment

Hi again,

Well I went for my appointment with my asthma consultant in Southampton (40 miles away) today with the view to seeing whether I was a suitable candidate for the funding to begin Xolair.

I met all of the criteria regarding my history and admissions etc. The only thing left to confirm is whether my IgE levels are high enough to warrant treatment with Xolair. I have already had the blood test for this but they have lost the results so I had it done again today. The consultant is going to ring me with the results and let me know if and when I can start treatment. So, fingers crossed.

They did say if Xolair is not appropriate they do have some other options available too.

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That sounds promising. You should know quite soon then. It's great your consultant mentioned other options too. I go to RBH and have found that whenever one drug or treatment doesn't work my consultant always has a plan B up her sleeve. There are so many different therapies now, have faith that something will work for you.

As for your depression, I'm sure there are many of us on here who take the old happy pills regularly, as living with any significant chronic ailment isn't easy. But if it's what you need and it helps you, what does it matter? Just stay on them. Maybe at some time in the future when life is especially rosy you might be able to carefully wean off them but til then I just wouldn't worry. I too have had CBT and it did help but I just feel better on anti-depressants. Been on them now for about 5 years and every time I come off it seems to coincide with a downturn in my health, or losing my job, so I've decided to just stay on them for now and stop worrying about it.


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