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Home from hospital and I hate blood gases

As you know I have been struggling with a chest infection and the associated asthma flare up for the last few weeks. I went back to my GP yesterday and he admitted me as he didn't know what else to do.

So I spent the last 24 hrs being prodded, poked and stabbed by various people and was then sent home with more antibiotics, as all the tests came back ok and my obs were not too shabby.

The good news is I got the written confirmation that I can try Xolair - yay. The worst bit about being in as always was the evil blood gases. It took the doctor nearly half an hour to find my arteries in my wrists, I am black and blue and so sore. There must be some less painful way to do this or they need to figure it out. I'm not a wuss, I have tattoos and piercings but I find this hideous.

Anyway, I am planning on having a complete weekend off and getting some rest so that I can hopefully kick this infection.

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cant they take your blood gass from your ear lobe?? i have had mine done in my wrist lots of times... very painfull :( hope your feeling better sooon!! xxx


i always tell docs that if they have to do gases if they miss please do not move needle when in to find artery come out and go back in cause it hurts less. most of them say they didn't realise and welcome any tips so if you find a way that works for you tell em.

oh and forgot to say good luck with xoliar i start 1st injection friday.


You have my every sympathy. Arterial blood gases from the wrist are the absolute pits - evil - got to be the most painful blood test I've ever had :(

Hope things improve for you soon,




I often have capilliary blood gases taken. They're not as accurate as ABG's but they hurt a lot less. Failing that I find femoral or brachial blood gases hurt a little less than radial gases.

I also recently was attatched to a machine a little like a pulse oximeter except it showed CO2 levels as well as O2 levels and pulse rate. I much preferred this option!!!


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