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Hi, I'm new and need moral support


I have asthma all my life and it's been getting worse the older I get, I'm 30 next week (arrghh). I take 2 nebs, 5 inhalers, regular pred and antibiotics, phyllocontin and accolate. I have had persistant chest infections recently and had pneumonia last oct. I also have osteoporosis from the pred and I suffer with depression too. Basically I'm a walking pharmacy.

I go through good and bad periods with my health but at the moment I feel as though I'm always ill. I've put on loads of weight since I started regular steroids and I'm desperately trying to lose some. I'm going to see my top consultant (I have 2) tomorrow with the view to starting Xolair but I'm really dreading it. I want it to be a wonder drug and I don't want to get my hopes up too high. I would desperately love to reduce my steroid needs and therefore the side effects and have a chance at a normal life. I have 3 children aged 10, 7 and 3 and I want to be normal Mum.

Sorry for the rant, I needed to talk to people who understand and sympathise. I'm convined that people look at me and see someone who's fat, lazy and breathless because of it.

Thanks x

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I am positive people look at me and think oh no here comes trouble! Or here comes the walking disater! Do not worry you are not alone! I too have asthma and would like to welcome you!

Sorry so short but i needing my bedtime meds, hope to get to know you over coming days!



you have two options, 1 is worry about what other people think, or 2nd and don't give a stuff, people can think what they like, but you and friends know the true story and that's all that matters.


Hello Puff, gosh i bet you feel better after getting that off your chest! Sorry to state the obvious but you sound a little bit depressed? I can't offer any help regarding your med regime and how poorly you have been but i can offer some support re feeling down. Have you thought about asking your GP to be referred for CBT? I had it some years back and it worked a treat. Cost me a blo*dy fortune but worth every penny. It's free on the NHS now though and you don't have to wait long either. I think that if you could try and find some positive way of thinking then it would help you enormously. It sounds as though not only your health is suffering, but also your confidence and self- esteem. Just reading through your post there's a big old long list of things that you're down on yourself about, and that's really not good for at all and I think that you need a great big confidence boost. How about trying something new too? That's always worked for me - a new activity or voluntary work. Just something for yourself and for no-one else. You must be knackered out with three young children. And please don't feel insecure about what sort of Mum you are - I'm sure that they love you jst the way you are, with or without asthma. xx


I felt for you reading your email as you're obviously so depressed & sad. When you're down it's hard not to feel persecuted by what you imagine others are thinking. I'm sure most don't actually think that at all tho! The general public is much more aware of asthma now. But for anyone who gives you a funny look - treat them with the contempt they deserve for being so ignorant!

I know from experience that pneumonia takes ages to recover from properly, and if you've had chest infections all winter (and the antibiotics to go with it) it's no wonder you can't see the road ahead.

Why are you not on a bisphosphonate and added calcium, as you take regular pred? Taken regularly bisphosphonates limit the bone loss caused by pred and help rebuild any bone already lost. Ask you dr about those straightaway.

Try and be positive about this next step (the xolair). You can't lose by trying it can you. If for some reason it doesn't work well for you, I'm sure your consultant will have other ideas. He's not just going to give up on you, esp as you're so young. Good luck for tomorrow x


HI, welcome xxx

Im sure your a brill mum and dont worry how people think thats their problem.

Can understand how you feel,I get so tired and worn out quick and my family dont realy

understand as we dont know anyone with asthma but they help and support me now.

I to at first before having asthma thaught you just took a blue puffa and better and OH boy now understand it all and how bad you can quick change and have an attack.

I dont get many good days but im trying stay positive and smile.

welcome again you will soon make brill friends and welcome pm me any time .

love Glynis xxxx


Thanks guys

Your messages made me smile, thank you. It's great to talk to peeps that know how much Asthma can affect your life.

Unfortunately I suffer from long term non reactive depression that I have been on anti-depressants for years for. I just get extra low sometimes. I have had CBT Wheels and it worked but the underlying depression never goes away.

I'll let you know how I get on today. I have some other stuff to pick your brains on but I need to get ready for the infernal school run.

Thanks again



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