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Heya guys

As I travel frequently to the USA, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a kit bag/organiser I could keep all my asthma gear together in, rather than the usual frantic digging through all the books, maps & backpack stuff! I need to carry 3/4 regular inhalers, Mini-Wright 'standard' peak flow meter & a spacer (aerochamber- kinda big). After many cases of lost check-in bags i've learned to keep it all with me.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!


WheezySurf x

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I have a nice cheap samsonite washbag with 3 clear compartments in to keep all my clobber.

Any cheap clear wash bag or zip up bag (Like large pencil case!) would work a treat. Also being clear, customs etc can see what is in it.

Have a look at outdoor shops too - some have good strong clear bags for keeping stuff in. Remember you can stuff things in a spacer too!

You can get cheap medical bags too in all sorts of materials if you want a 'medical look' to it.

Take care




Thanks for your ideas, i'm ordering a clear-pocketed bag from Amazon which should make my travels much easier!




I've never thought of using a clar bag before, i have different make-up bag/vanity case's that i use. A small one for my handbag for all the stuff i need to carry, a large one in the house with all including spares and another i keep at work - i am now used to the question ""Do you need your bag?"" and i keep it in an easy place in my office for people to go and get. I think i need to go and buy a clear bag now though. Its quite funny certain people at work have no idea etc about my asthma and i think each day when i take my bag from my locker to the office etc people must think i'm really vain and carrying my make-up. whats prob worse is when first-aiders etc need to get it it looks girly with cuddly toy key-rings attatched to it - partly because it makes it easier to open!! lol. xxx


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