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Scarred Lungs? Anyone!?


As a surviving premature (3.5 months early!) baby & a recently diagnosed asthmatic I have an obscure question -

I suffered holes in my lungs at birth, leading to collapsed lungs (pneumothorax), major surgery & scarring of my lung tissue. Does anyone who has had a pneumothorax or has scarred lungs/tissue know how this will affect my asthma?

Any ideas would be great! Thanks

WheezySurf x

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scared lungs

hi yes it will might effect your breathing, but it may not make your asthma worse. My left lung has gone two times you might find that you tend to catch every bug going and it will go straight to your chest, even if it starts with a cold you will get a chest infection as lungs can not cope . that seems to be the case with me ,


Thanks for the reply, yeah breathing ability/stamina was a bit poor even without asthma, not enough O2 getting to bloodstream or something along those lines. Sorry to hear you're more prone to chest infections, i'm usually doped up by paranoid doctors whether i want antibiotics or not! xP


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