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cramps.......and swimming

i got a really really bad cramp in my leg today when i was swimming, i was literally screaming with pain in the middle of the pool, hobbling around, and all the life guards did was laugh and take the p***. not one of them asked if i was alright. i felt that this was inappropriate of them, and even if it was only cramp, they still should have checked if i was ok...right? sorry, just needed to moan about that! x

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well.... lol .. sorry to laugh as an ex-swimmer i no how u feel boy oh bot does it hurt .. next time a lil advice do hop a round STRETCH it out its the best ting.

katie xxx


We can chuckle about your aquatic funky chicken (perhaps it was a funky halibut?), but you are absolutely right; they really ought to have checked that you were ""okay"" - you may have been in serious trouble.


And what if whilst he was checking out your cramp a kiddie fell in at the other end. Sounds like he saw you were in no danger and made the right call bearing in mind how many life guards look after such a large areas. I was in a swimming pool with Maddie who was about 3 at the time and Josh a year old we were in the baby pool which linked with the main pool via a tiny slide. I took my eyes off Maddie for a second when Josh sneezed and the next thing I knew we were all clearing the pool alarms where going and I could not see Maddie. Having no fear at all and loving water she had headed down the slide and was in trouble, the Lifeguard had seen her go down the slide and dived in to hoik her out before I even realised she was missing. How would I have felt if the life guard had been busy checking on someone hoping around with cramp? Cramp is nasty I get it most nights but you say you were hoping about so you were clearly in your depth and in all honesty what good would the life guard saying are you alright have done. Sorry but I think he made the right call.

Maddie was allowed to join swimming lessons a year early after her expliots was happily swimming up and down the pool by the time she was 4 :)



when there was 6 life guards standing around the pool in an adults only lane swimming session, at least one should have checked, thats the reason they have so many of them around the pool.


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