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managing asthma

I was diagnosed with asthma in 1984. I was offered Ventolin and nothing else at that stage, however having spent several periods in A&E or with the paramedics over the next three years and having to endure the IV steroids (Ahhhhhhh), I decided to try to find a way to manage my asthma. Whilst searching many differing solutions I went to see a homeopath, who informed me of the background steroid level and myriad of anti-biotics in meat, and therefore by default, dairy products....which often seem attributed as a trigger, so I very reluctantly gave them all up. Having been a vegetarian now since 1987 I can now say I have no regrets; not eating meat no longer bothers me and the reintroduction of organic skimmed milk into my diet has not had any detrimental effect that I know of. I have been very fortunate to avoid any IV steroids or visits to the A&E since 1987 but I’m not so pig headed as to flout the advances that medicine can offer. I have embraced the ‘Flu jab each winter and had the pneumonia jab 3 years ago. I do get coughs during very cold weather, but have found that a warm bean collar inside a scarf prevents me from breathing in cold air and the cough certainly benefits from it. I have a steroid inhaler which I have only just begun to use – at my doctor’s insistence ……not because I think I need to, but because it appears to part of the official management process. Has anyone else found natural ways that seem to work in managing their asthma????

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I am also very interested in managing my asthma with natural methods: I too am very reluctant to take my medications. I have a Ventolin inhaler too, and plus I am taking montelukast and 1000mcg inhaled steroids a day, as well as a long-acting reliever: and, as I have found the hard way, giving these meds up can have very detrimental effects. So, i cannot give them up but I at least aim to reduce them, and am too interested in any natural suggestions people may offer!

Emz x


Hi Emz,

It’s never a good idea to reduce your medication anyway unless you’ve obtained your GP’s advice, and risking an attack is never wise. Things that you can do to help include looking at your home environment and how you can keep it as free from triggers as possible ie use environmentally friendly products around the home. There are loads of websites dealing with anything from - making your pet’s fur allergy free to avoiding aerosols with propellants, natural cleaning products and products available to reduce the levels of detergents required in a wash (eco balls). I never use fabric conditioner as the smell on my clothes keeps me wheezing all day! Hair shampoo is another trigger and I found changing to a hyper allergenic product, seems to have helped. I would suggest trying those things first, before radically changing your diet, though a few moderate changes like trying to eat as organically as possible, does help to reduce the chances of absorbing too many unnecessary chemicals that are difficult to just simply wash off food.

Hope to hear other suggestions,



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