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too much medicine

I have decided that I am being prescribed medicine inhalors etc etc. but even though I had a Respiratory Arrest, I now feel as good as new.

I attended Resp. Clinic on Friday 18th. May and passed with flying colours all the lung tests.

I asked to come off of the various pills and inhalors, as after 14 days in hospital I feel well, but the consultant said no all medication must continue.

But I hate to have to be controlled by my medication, so from Saturday have decided to stop all medication.

It is now Sunday 20th May this will be my first full day of no medication.

I am monotoring my peak flow, 4 times a day, my blood pressure 2 times a day, and keeping my blue inhalor available with me.

I am not using my purple inhalor, the green one, no monte..night time tablets, and the other 4 types et al,

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Being this time on a Sunday night as it is, my brain has stalled somewhat, but this post cannot go unanswered.

You have been told that all your medication must continue, yet why have you taken this decision to stop it? A respiratory arrest is no laughing matter, and if your asthma is severe enough that you have already had one, then you are at risk of another.

Even if you wanted to come off your medications, stopping every single one of them without weaning them down is extremely dangerous. Let alone deciding to do it off your own bat expressly against medical advice - of a respiratory consultant, no less. You may well feel well for a day or so - as the effects of your medications will last some time before wearing off.

I have to say again that this is an extremely dangerous route to take and I would strongly advise that you re-start your medications, and consult with your doctors regarding a withdrawal plan if you feel so strongly that you must do without.

I must also in my capacity as moderator advise all other message board users NOT to discontinue their medications unless expressly advised to do so my their medical practitioner.



Y'know, when I read the OP, I was hoping that Cathy would be the first person to reply to this.

Stephenf, words completely and utterly fail me, with the excpetion of the following one:


For pity's sake, I hope none of our other message board members are as - let's be blunt here - stupid as to do something like this.


(Bewildered moderator)


Stephen, I would just like to add my voice of concern to those below - this is a really dangerous thing to do. I can appreciate that you don't want to be on lots of drugs, but after a life threatening experience as you describe, surely being alive but on drugs is better than being dead? If you really want to stop these, I suggest you start them again for the moment, and make an appointment to see your GP or consultant to discuss the issue again. Make your wishes clear, and they will advise you which drugs are essential for your current wellbeing, and which ones are preventative ones for the future - you suggest you may be on drugs for blood pressure, and it may be that you could agree to stop some of them. Also from your profile I can see that some of these are antibiotics - which will no doubt stop after a course rather than be long term, and some painkillers, which if you don't feel you need it would certainly be reasonable to stop. As a doctor I frequently see patients who are on many drugs, who wish they could manage with less or none, and we work through them cutting out what we can with proper discussion. Please please be sensible about this and have another chat with your own doctor.


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