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Really worried about my breathing / asthma - anyone with these symptoms?

Hey guys,

Great forum, been looking for something like this.

Basically here is my story:

I'm 32. Had asthma all my life, but very rarely gave me trouble - only if playing sport etc would I get a bit wheezy. Smoked on / off for 10 years. Averaged maybe 5 a day if that, sometimes months without one. Stopped last year.

Anyway around last November I started getting a bit short of breath / wheezy. Went to the doctor, put me on symbicort for 6 weeks - no real change as the wheeze was still there. Peak flow from spiro was a bit low at the time.

No problem with excercise. I can exert myself without feeling like I'm going to die.

The doc recommended me to a specialist - spiro test was worse than 3 months ago but I haven't been on symbicort since January.

I don't have a cough at all. Just feel a bit short of breath and always wheezy if I exhale hard. Specialist was a bit confused - he said he would have expected the symbicort to have certainly got rid of the wheezing. I have it now for 5 months. He has put me on 400 symbicort now - he says to come back in 3 months and he should expect that the wheezing should be gone. I'm now 3 weeks into it and no better on the wheezing to be honest.

Chest x-ray was good, bloods were good.

I moved from the UK to Australia 4 years ago. Not sure if it's allergies as I was back in the UK for 3 weeks at xmas and condition didn't get worse / better so I would assume that it wouldn't' be Australian allergies.

It's getting me down at this stage as I'm worried it could be something like emphysema / COPD even though the specialist says the x-ray and spiro results would suggest not.

Has anyone any similar stories? I'm just very anxious as it came on pretty suddenly 5 months ago and hasn't gone away.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum Johno. I would go back see your GP so they know how you are. It will take a while to sort out what meds work best for you with add ons or changing them. take care.


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