at wits ends so depressed

need to have a moan have now been in hospital 3 weeks and completly fed up had a major asthma attack but this is not unusual for me (in about 5 times a year) what is getting me down is that it is taking so long to recover.

saw con this morning thought they were going to take me off iv drugs but now have to stay on them for the weekend cant see a discharge date yet and feeling really low sorry 4 the moan but know many of u will know how i am feeling xx

the only thing i am thankful 4 is having a midline so at least they dont have to keep trying to canulate me. although 1st midline has given me blood clot in arm. anyway whinge over now sorry peeps

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  • hi kipo

    Welcome pm me anytime to chat.not nice stuck in hosp and usualy with alot older people lol Glynis xxx

  • Sorry to hear your in hospital, I was lucky and discharged but still not well,I know its awfull

    but your in the best place to get the best treatment, so hopefully things will settle enough for you soon so you can come home. Good luck XX

  • hi kipo

    hope your feeling better today, it must be so hard spending so much time in hospital. i've only recently started suffering and hospital stays do worry me. are you a super prepared person for whenever you are rushed in, i can see me having a bag ready and coins ready for the tv and phone lol, dont mean to make light of it just thought you could do with some cheering. todays the first time i ever felt up to posting a comment. no one replyed to my first one and as i was feeling sorry for myself i never posted anything again, you might guess im not handling having asthma very well, bit of a wuss i think i must be :)



  • Hope you are feeling a little bit better. Its good to have a 'whinge' and this is a good place to do it as people know how you're feeling! I know how long it takes to recover, I had a huge asthma attack last year, and it was weeks. Keep your chin up and I hope it starts to get better for you.

  • Hey Kipo just to say keep the chin up. Won't be long til antibiotics are finished and ur feeling bettter. My wife tells me when I'm able to whinge or moan then it's a good sign I'm getting better. When I'm quiet she worries.

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