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hi there

I have just come back from my 2 weekly check up at my hospital and have been prescribed some new drugs to go along side my current medication.

The new drugs i have been prescribed are Dexamethanose 8mg daily and spirva handi inhaler i am also currently on bricanyl turbohaler serevnt inhaler and salbutamol and atrovent nebulisers and many more drugs. is there any 1 else on this medication? and any1 taking the spirva inhaler found it to be good or bad? Also any information on the dexamethanose steroids would be appriciated i was on prednisilone b4


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Hi Kim

Can't help with the dexamethasone I'm afraid, but I take Spiriva too. It is basically a long acting version of Atrovent. I have the handihaler device like you, but word of warning, although I'm fine with it, some people prefer the alternative inhaler device that you can have to take it (can't remember the name off the top of my head.) The drug itself, however, I have personally found to make a positive difference :)


It wouldn't be the respimat?


That's the sausage!



I've taken Spiriva (Tiotropium) for over two years now as part of my regime, not sure if its made a difference can't say I've seeen any dramatic improvement. I did take Dexamethasone during pregnancy to boost my baby's premature lungs from about 6 months pregnancy to 8 months when she was born.



I've been taking tiotropium for quite some time now. I don't think it has made a huge difference, but does seem to have taken a slight edge of my symptoms.




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