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Cant get to sleep!

Hi all.

For about 8 weeks now I've been having a really hard time going to bed. I'm exhausted in the afternoon especially but cant go to bed then but come bed time I'm wide awake & have to force myself to go to bed or I will not be in any fit state to work the next day.

Its getting stupid now - last night I had 3.5 hrs sleep as went to bed at 3am was not tired and took ages to get to sleep. When the alarm goes off I am so asleep I dont even hear it. I ache from head to foot I am just so tired all the time during the day & cant concentrate on anything - my work is being affected as is my mood. Anyone got any ideas as to why this might be - do you think its meds related - it started about the same time as I got put on Serevent or coincidence? Any ideas how I can get the body clock re-set?

Thanks in advance!

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Its worth exploring the meds theory I think. What time do you take it and do you find your energy or mood changes in a similar pattern?

I've only ever had serevent in seretide, and never thought much of it before, but I have quite often found (whilst I was taking seretide) that I don't feel ready to sleep even though I am tired.

Just another thought - you've been on pred a bit recently - have you finished now or are you still taking them? I was taking 40 mg for about 6 weeks in total before Christmas, and found that it took a long time to wear off - even if I took it at 6 am, I'd still feel wired at 11 PM some days even though I was absolutely exhausted.

hope you find a solution!



Hi Kat

Thanks for this. Will go & see the dr & see what she says. Pred stopped a while ago now - been off it for nearly 2 weeks. Serevent I have it when I wake up & just before i go to bed what ever time as i have been told to do so dunno whats going on. All i know is i am shattered & cant go on like this for much longer. In true me style of late I nearly nodded off driving home from work despite v loud music & window down & now I'm wide awake again! ho hum.

Thanks for your pm the other day too - will send a reply v. soon I typed a long one out & then the stupid computer lost it - d'oh! x


Hi Mrsscoles

Sorry to hear about your sleeping troubles, I've had bother sleeping for years and have basically ended up turning day into night because of it. What a nightmare.

I was only recently put on Salbutamol (just after starting to get my sleep pattern back to normal) and after starting taking it, I couldn't sleep for about 4 hours. This was a pain because night time is when I need the salbutamol most. So, my theory (and it is just theory) is that you could be on the right track with the meds idea.

Whatever it turns out to be, good luck!



Hi David,

Thanks for the message. I saw the doctor yesterday after lots more nights of little or no sleep. She suspected it was more likely to be being caused by the Becotide but will not take me off it or reduce my dose. She's given me a weeks worth of Temazepam I think it is called & said I might just need a few good nights sleep to get me back into a normal sleeping routine. We'll see. I'm not allowed to have any until Friday as she said that I might sleep for 16 hours! Right now that sounds very appealing!

I have been taking Sleep Aid tablets from Sainsburys & Melatonin from the health food shop - they seem to be helping a little bit so will do for now. Last night I had 4.5 hours sleep - woohoo!

Hope you manage to get some zzzzzzzs!


Hm, I tried Temazepam a few years ago, had no effect on me. I think I'd need rhino-tranqs.

How you getting on now? Hopefully sleeping better? Did the Tems help?



I never can get more than a few hours for the past few years due to asthma symptoms, sleep apnoea and side effects of pred and uniphyllin. I once asked my cons for sleeping tablets as was really getting to me and he laughed and said yeah right dont want that on my head!! charming but kinda new that would be the answer but you cant blame a girl for trying!! i used to stop myself sleeping in the day but still wouldnt sleep at night so was worse off. now i sleep when i want as thats the bodies way of telling you you need it? Dont get me wrong it still gets me down, like this week the longest stretch ive had it 35mins!! and with that you feel worse? so the other night did steal some of my mums sleeping tabs!!! made sure had oxygen on all night!! well got 2hrs WOW but did feel like the queen. Enough to get me through a few more weeks of little sleep!!

Good luck mrs coles


andrea xxx


Hi David & Andrea.

Thanks for your notes. I have had 3 temazepams now - the first night Friday was fab - I slept solidly for 9 hours! I think I would have slept longer too but I was busting for the loo - sorry if thats too much info! Saturday was great I was a new person - I got up & painted the hallway! I was so energised. The past 2 nights I've had about 5 hours all together (per night) but has involved being awake from 3-5am being late getting to sleep say about 1am & getting up quite early. Dont know whether its working or not yet really - the 1st night great - the last 2 - not great but better. Dont get why I always wake up at 3am?! Anyway - have 4 more to go so maybe will be another 9 hr sleep tonight you never no - here's hoping anyways!

Andrea - I dont know how you cope on so little sleep - maybe you should ask again if there is something you could try - if you were ok on your mum's pills you could tell them that?

David - Rhino tranqs! Cripes! I was reading on the net that they use Tems to knock pilots out after they have been in battle to aid recovery - (they did help me sleep well on Friday but they dont help getting to sleep in the first place!) & apparently they are asleep within 20 mins of taking them & have up to 16 hrs sleep (guess must be a stronger dose) - maybe rhino tranqs are the way to go - whats the number for the local zoo?! God knows with the pred munchies I have had a few times I might start resembling a rhino soon!

Hope you are both doing ok at the moment. Keep smiling!


Would love to ask them again but it is too risky really, got knows what happened to my breathing overnight, i dont mind risking it once in a blue moon but not all the time? i dont know whst happens when im asleep but they do as they see me when in hosp and from studies done so know they have my best interests at heart.

Thanks anyway

happy sleeping

love andrea xxx


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