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With the inevitable implementation of duty on chocolate a scheme is being launched to cancel the levy for lucky individuals. This has been dubbed the Chocolate Tax Exemption Certificate and will come with a swipe card to use at checkouts. Although the tax is unlikely to be introduced in the coming budget, with growing support in both houses of parliament the swipe card technology is being pioneered now. The card will be available at the discretion of your GP. As one NHS official, a Mr B. Jam explained emerging from a meeting with Alistair Darling yesterday, “The antioxidant benefit of chocolate may outweigh the risk of obesity in some chronic conditions, such as asthma. One cannot underestimate the damage caused by the free radical in the bronchial tract”.

The card will be available after 22nd April to the first 1000 acceptable applicants for the pilot scheme, which will prove most welcome if the tax is actually introduced.

However those not participating in the pilot scheme may still be able to claim their tax exemption at a later date.


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Oh Dear Twizzle! ;-)


Mr B Jam for Prime Minister or if not Health Minister! Mr B Jam appreciates how much us ladies need our Choc! Lois


So glad I'm reading this announcement after the April 1st watershed 12.00am!


Good one Twizzle. Had me thinking then looked at the date. 8)



-alas,my best schemes fall on deaf ears !


Willie Wonker

Being certified has it's advantages as then it's OK to go on at great length about Wille Wonker.

He of course makes the finest chocolate, low both in fat and sugar. This means that there is no limit to the quantity that can be eaten. Infact according to the highly educated genius that Willie Wonker is, chocolate is to be used as a basic ingredient in all manner of cooking.

...and so the chocolate world dream of Homer Simpson takes a step closer to reality.

Willy Wonker is back tomorrow night on TV at 8pm....



willies wonky chocolate factory is ace mmm to chocolate at every meal!!! :-)


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