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Success Stories - Milestones - Improvements - Good News

Many of the posts on this site are naturally dealing with problems and answering issues, but every now and then, perhaps due a medication really helping, or sometimes by taking advice about a trigger, or a slight adjustment progress is made to beat asthma.

I thought it might be nice to have a thread of posts which cater for such happy times! It could be as brief as being really well for a day, or very much improved it would appear from now on!

To kick off, I have had a superb day and I just want to celebrate. I have had a day taking the air at Southend-On-Sea, and walked the 1 & 1/4 mile pier and back. The weather was excellent, and if you look under the nature post of Kate you will see that I saw a seal today at the end of the pier, which was a wonderful experience.

But to top it all, having just watched the 'Apprentice' (my favourite programme!) I have done my peak flow and acheived a wopping 500, and no reliever involved! It has never been known, but I did a lot of breathing exercises today along the pier. This is rather fantastic because at one time I thought I would never get passed 450. I feel so vindicated now, in view of my many posts about Southend, that sea air on a nice day does indeed combat my asthma. Earlier this year my readings were often 150 - 200 and a reliever was needed to get any higher, and I thought an average of 300 would be my lot.

So it's a been a fantastic day!


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Thhis seems to be and aproprate place to put this but i got the best news i cold ahve hoped for from my consultants. After having t take almosta year out of uni my consulatnt has told me he will ahve me well wnough to return to uni for my third year starting in september. it was the best news cold have hoped for.

Finally after about four years of hospital admissions every five weeks for sometimes months at a time we finaly know what is going on and that things will be back under contorl.

sorry to be boasting but i am so excited.



Well done Olive!

...fantastic, if you've got flaunt it, that's what I say!


PS Best wishes for your third year at Uni!


I've much improved from what I used to be some months ago. I don't have to use reliever nearly at all nowadays, only some 5-10 times a week. It took five months to get me under control again, but we did it :) So this is great. It's great to feel healthy all the time :) Asthma is a strange thing, but when it's happy, I'm too (and if it isn't, I try not to mind too much ;) ).


I think i have a huge ongoing success story lung wise given that under the strict care of RBH and a LOT of tests I have managed to get from 90mg of prednisolone to 9mg, off regular nebs and off theophylline. All by very very strict avoidance of the things i am allergic to which we discovered included antibiotics, eggs and wheat.

I have not been admitted to hospital ( a+e doesn't count!) since December.

It has not been easy and on occasion i will admit it would be easier to be wheezy than keep up a strict avoidance diet/regime. I am not cured and will still have lung blips every now and then but things are massively improved on 3 years ago.

It may seem a long way off but there is a glimmer of hope of control to all you severe/brittles!


Not really asthma related but after a couple of year my blood pressure is considered to be within normal limits


Good news


i had my first visit ever to America had an amazing week, was very anxious about travelling, managed ok, had slight blip coming back but nevertheless, inspiring and challenging.

Dont let asthma hold you back from your dreams and goals



I am doing things that a year ago I would have said were impossible. I have had a holiday booked for the past 14 weeks and I am going to a Bon Jovi concert in June. I have more confidence in myself to be able to book things in advance. It may not seem much but to me it is FREEDOM



Fantastic news from everyone! Love the idea of this thread.

My asthma's never been anywhere near as bad as many on here (sometimes I wonder if it's the same illness!) but I can't believe the difference giving up food additives has made! Within just a few weeks I went down from 1200mcg of my steroid inhaler to nothing at all, and that was during the bitter cold we've been having, which would normally have me really struggling, but I've even been out running in it! (I'm not claiming a miracle cure or anything, certainly not throwing my inhalers!)


getting there

just had my cons appointment come through for the 28th, doc rushed it through as she was concerned. This is fantastic news as its finally going to get me on my way to getting better and back to the active and happy life i was leading before all this kicked off again

its nice to read and talk about positive experiences,

hope all are well


I'm loving this thread; keep that good news coming, folks!


I love this thread too! Well done to everyone who has posted their milestones or achievements big or small.

Here's my milestone :-)

After almost 4 years of uncontrolled asthma and lots of changes in medication I finally seem to be getting back on track and have been able to take part in some of the sports I love again (running and swimming). I'm currently swimming a marathon in a month for Asthma UK as part of the Gym and Swim Challenge and have raised almost £200 so far for Asthma UK. My attitude towards my asthma and allergies has changed dramatically and I feel confident to try things I would previously have said no to :-)

Keep going everyone this thread is such a boost for those wobbly days.

Sparkly Fairy

P.S. if you want to know more about my challenge have a look at:



oh i hope you do well Sparkly Fairy, do let us know how you get on wont you


Okay, this may sound a little pathetic compared to Sparkly Fairy's amazing achievements in the swimming pool, but I am going to go ahead anyway.

I am feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment - I've got more energy than I've had for a long time, in fact I'm better in myself than I have been since before my long admission in Jan - May of last year. Yesterday I walked to the post box and back, nearly 200 metres, which is further than I have walked in over a year! I am pretty exhausted as a result today, but it is definitely a step in the right direction!

I love the idea of this thread, and I love the fact that I have some positive news to add to it!

Take care all

Em H


Good News

I am a participant in a peace by piece training education programme for women, I travel to Belfast once a week, Had a presentation to do last week on any subject that i wished to do guess what i picked ""Education & Training Awareness "" About Asthma.

I was asked lots of questions, re asthma triggers, asthma in young children, etc

I also told them about this brillant discussion forum, support and encouragement that i get from this website.

I was invited to attend this training as I was doing voluntary work with a womens disability group, I am so proud of turning my negatives experiences with asthma into a positive experience. Anyone that would like to see the presentation can e mail me (email removed by passing moderator - please do not post personal contact details on the boards - you can use PM facility if needed) Its a power point pres.



It is so good that so many people have some positives and milestones their reaching. I is so fulfilling to be able to achieve something you didnt think you would be able to and it boosts your confidence to do more.

Well done to everyone



I have been reading the posts but keeping quiet because I am coming from the comparative luxury of a mild condition - I wouldn't call it meek though as it's been a bit unruly and raw this winter, but nevertheless still essentially mild. The good news is that I do believe that now I am on the way to getting that meekness back too, with the trend in peak flow ever so slowly rising with the nicer weather!

For me it is both rather humbling and a great joy to see milestones being reached from far more serious condtions.

That said, personal circumstances will always vary, and as the saying goes 'nothing succeeds like success', and ..yes, I must agree with Olive!



I like this thread... :) Well, my achievement has been to stay out of hospital. I've now been at home for 3 weeks and 4 days! (the longest stretch since Sept). Roll on the continuation of this! Has been far from easy, and taken a lot of persuasion at times - but worth it!

Hope everyone continues to post their success stories! x


My good news for the day is that I went to see a new GP at my new practice today, and she said 'yes, I put your repeat prescriptions in the computer, I'm not happy with things, I'm referring you for a second opinion'. Without me saying anything!

I'm feeling very hopeful that I've found a GP who is on my wavelength, and as a consequence I'm feeling a whole lot more positive.



Me to, I was a bit bored with the 'let's see how your asthma's doing' chats and I saw a new doctor yesterday who was happy to agree that my rhinitis isn't the normal-run-of-the-nose (that I know and love/hate really), and after dishing out antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray set me up to be monitored by an ENT consultant, suggesting I've got chronic sinusitis having obvious implications.

Also a sample of Neilmed (Sinus Rinse) arrived through the post today.

So I 'nose' I am getting better already and will soon be 'breathing' a huge sigh of relief!



I am really pleased with myself today I went to see my con and he said he is really pleased with my asthma at the moment I am achieving my highest peakflow which is 350 and he said my chest sounds really clear. Could not take smile off my face for a while.



i am sitting here grinning like a cheshire cat...after 25 days I'M GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma x


My good news is....

I'm back at work (not sure it's that good)

After a long time in hospital feeling poorly sick

Feeling much better now

Hope it lasts

Keep smiling :-)


Love the thread :o)

My little achievement:

After a rough couple of weeks with naff lungs, I managed to take my pony show jumping at t weekend and we t won 3ft class :o) I was a very proud mum! She was rather fitter than me though (!) and came out of the ring not even puffing and I was only in a fit state to neb, but we did it!

Hope all t successes carry on for everyone!


x x x


Mother of the Bride shopping

Had good fun today shopping for mother of the bride outfit the colour theme is cream and purple, i looked at a nice dusky pink outfit on with a wide brimmed hat with pink and black feathers i felt like a million dollars. Tried to put on high stilletto shoes but couldnt walk in them will have to go for lower heels Really enjoyed the day a day with a difference



My milestone... is not mine but my son's... after surviving a very serious road accident on 1st May 2006... (he was hit by a car at 65mph! ) whist walking home.

Well today we have found out that he has recovered so well that all the metal plates, pins, bolts and nuts that have been holding his leg bones (multiple brakes) together....Are coming off on May the 6th... We had been told that... that was not likely to happen ever.... as his injuries were so bad...

But now just like his ribs and shoulder blades have healed and are as good as new , it is hoped that after he has the op to remove the ""Metal"" from his legs ... that with in three months... he will be as fit as he was prior to the accident !

I hope my milestone is allowed... as the news... has made me feel so well... that I am high and cannot stop smiling !

Hugs from the Orkney Isles



..that's great news Susy, and I wish your son all the very best with having those metal parts removed soon!

..and yes, we should celebrate things like this too because worries and stresses do not help. I am sure this good news will indeed bring a refreshed inner strength to deal with your own situation!

All the best Susy,



Well, I'm feeling really positive as well - after six months of trying different things, including singulair, I'm now back on symbicort and bricanyl and its working brilliantly. My peak flow has shot up and the asthma nurse and i are happy that we've tried everything we should and have found a good solution. (4x 200/6 symbicort rising to 6x if necessary, bricanyl as and when). I've got new glasses so i can see really well again, the rhinitis seems under control for once and my thyroxine dose has been raised so i feel full of energy and i've even lost a lbs or two in weight.

How nice to be able to celebrate!


Another Symbicort success?

I have been doing really well recently, changed to Symbicort 400/12 a month ago and getting good PF figures (although fluctuating between AM & PM). Started monitoring both heart rate and PF with my trainer at the gym soon after this change. I still cannot believe it, but yesterday afternoon, after a session on the rowing machine, with speed governed by maximum heart rate, took PF immediately and recorded a magnificent 640! Managed that twice out of 3 recordings with 3rd almost there, so seems to be real. According to the Clement Clarke PF chart, looks like I have knocked 25 years off my age! Needless to say, I am rather pleased with that.

Brynne - I feel a further plug coming on for rowing machine as good exercise.




Symbicort? Or the rowing machine?

....and is this some kind of PF record for AUK?!

Well done Alan!


PS I am so itching to join a gym myself again now!


More Good News!

Thought this thread should be brought back to the top to share more good news!

Well after numerous trips to various medics over the past year I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, my asthma is noticeably starting to improve. In fact I managed to cycle into York for two days running last week, following bycycling to see the dr - who was very impressed!

I have so much more energy than I did even two months ago. I just want to say thank you for all the support I have gained by reading these pages, after years of suffering in silence on my own!

My next goal - to play the oboe for two hours without needing any additional symbicort - but that might be a little while off yet!



Not about me, although I am OK, but Chris my random extra child (the one who was kicked out by his Mum at 16 came to stay for a night and now nearly 3 years later is still here and adopted as part of the family) has just got a modelling contract, and has his first shoot tomorrow. Go Chris :)



We had a double success this weekend, Rosie my eldest competed in a large multi county swimming gala and won her backstroke race and came 2nd in both her others as well as getting 2 PB's.

Hubby then followed suit this morning my winning his first race after coming back from a calf injury its was an 8k x country run It makes him the first person to win this particular race 3 times and he was also the first veteran (over40) to win it!

Im also quite chuffed with myself as in between nebs i managed to plant all me green beans and sun flowers(admittedly ground/ pot had been prepared by hubby b4) it did me in for the rest of the day but i was pleased i had managed to do it:)


Hi everyone,

Thought I'd pop in to let you all know that I've done a race for life, and raised £145 for cancer research. Completed the 3 mile run on 42 mins, which I was quite happy with for a first go, will try to do it in 30 mins next year.

I've also passed my first year at university and have progressed on to the second year!!

Hope everyone is doing alright.

Claire x


Major milestone for me im home!!!!!!


Forgot to report my own personal mini-success - finally broke my 10K personal best on Sunday :) - now an official member of the sub-60 minute group! Spent most of it thinking how lucky I am to be able to run like this though.

(57:00 exactly - I am nothing if not precise)


WOO HOO Cathbear - well done.

I am going to Bon Jovi concert tomorrow - bought the tickets yonks ago and can't believe that I am actually going to manage to do something that was planned so far in advance. This is a real personal achievement for me and I am soooooooo excited.

ssshhhh just don't tell the lungs...............



Me too Rusty!!!!!!! I'm leaving for Twickenham in about an hour and sooooooo excited :) :) :)

Sean finally came out of hospital yesterday so today is a good day :-)

Well done Cath, thats great!!


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