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Dealing with Outdoor Allergies?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering how everyone else deals with outdoor allergies? I'm feeling a bit sad lately. I'd really like to get a cat, but know that it's a really bad idea because my eyes swell up when I'm around them for one thing. And then I would start gardening, but I'm allergic to mold, so that's a really bad idea too.

So the one thing I can't be happy about giving up is exercising outdoors. I love walking outdoors and hiking when the weather is nice. But it does seem I have to avoid doing this too in Winter (too cold makes me wheeze), Autum (too many allergies), and Spring (too many allergies).

So I was wondering how you all deal with this? Do you just go outside anyways? I'm starting to feel like I'm in a bubble as so many things seem to make my breathing worse and I don't like it.


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Hi Bee,

Are you using any antihistamine tablets at all?

I always get hay fever & really suffered in summer, especially at night.

My doc prescribed montelukast which is also known as singulair.

I have been much better since taking these. I just take 1 each night & its really helped my hay fever.

Also, whenever i do the gardens, i take 3 or 4 puffs of blue at the first cough or any other symptom & that helps a lot.

Unfortunately, i can no longer walk too far, but that is down to a spine problem rather than the asthma, so im sorry i cant help you there.

Im sure lots of people will be able to offer more advice.

Remember, we may have asthma, but if were fortunate, we can still do most of the things we enjoy

Dont let it get you down,

Howie :)


I know how you feel, I take singulair too and I find it helps a little, but I'm on fexofenadine and cetirizine too and these seem to keep my outdoor allergies under control most of the time. My resp nurse said that most of anti-histamines work in different ways so you can take a combination of them without over dosing and get good effects. Maybe ask your GP for some extra help?


Hi there. I take antihistamines and beconase for my hayfever and that mostly works.

I'm allergic to cats but I have one, and I think my system is used to her. I'm not sure if/how that works. I think it's better because she's shorthair but also 100% indoors.

I'm crazy about outdoors stuff. I'd take ventolin before going out in the cold/doing exercise and that helps. Also mountains/beach is better for less polleny air.

Hope this helps and you find something works for you.


Hi Bee,

I know where you're coming from:-/

I've got the same problem. A gp told me last year I had to stay indoors during hayfever season, I told him to get lost as mine is from february till November and asked him if he could prescribe me a bubble haha. Well, I just go out and get on with it because otherwise I'd go mental.

Some days are worse than others but I'd rather take the risk than isolation myself.

I just make sure I take my antihistamines in the mornings I also take 1000mg vitamin c on a morning to assist the immune system during summer.

I get them at superdrug(chewable ones).

Worth a try.

Love Lydia x


Thanks guys!

Sorry about the double post. I tried to delete the other one and the site said I couldn't. Weird.

Anyways. I've taken both montelucast for about seven years and cetirizine. I called my allergist last week and she said that I can double my dose of cetirizine and take 10m twice a day. It did seem to help, only it's so drying that makes me nervous about my sinuses!

Thanks for all the replies. I knew you would understand. I haven't pre-medicated with my reliever in forever...maybe I should try that.

I think I will also try walking outside this Spring for exercise, as it's so pretty and makes me happy. There is a really nice nature park near where I live. Perhaps I will take my extra reliever and extra antihistamine. I didn't know that about different antihistamines working differently. Maybe I could try taking two different kinds. Hmmm.

I guess I'm kind of confused too as my pulmonologist says I don't have traditional asthma, but that I tend to get bronchitis over and over. But he does say I have reactive airways, which my GP tells me is asthma. LOL. I was like thanks...I didn't understand that either. I'm seeing the lung specialist in a few weeks though, so I guess I will ask him again.


Edit: Spelling


hey bee

my turn to give you advice for a change :P

before the good ole asthma got worse in the last year, along with hayfever symptoms... i used to go walking among trees, grass etc. for up to 3 hours a day.. controlled with normal asthma meds, with daily cetirizine and the odd piriton if i had symptoms of hayfever, and took salbutamol blue inhaler as precaution as well as the odd relief if i got tite. i used to go walking everyday on my days off work!!

however, as symptoms worsened, asthma and heyfever wise, lungs morse sensitive as well, grr!!

i certainly cant do as much walking of late as u know! but they changed my hayfever meds to include Telfast 180mg the higher dose, and that seems to work wonders :) i can be around flowers lil bt longer than before, although still get symptoms, not half as bad and not straight away if you understand wot i mean! :S

maybe worth trying. also, use flixonase spray 2 puffs into each nostril every morning, that helps too :)

hope this helps and you get some relief soon :)

x x x



Yes, bring on the advice :). Sorry to hear you too have more problems than you used to.

You guys have been great though. I've been reminded to take a shower if I've been outside a lot in a day, I think I need to replace my air filters too,

Also, It dawned on me I could probably be taking me daily inhalers in a more like 12 hrs. apart fashion. I also have gone off of using my nasal spray as I had a bad nose bleed that took several weeks to heal. And I think I could also take extra antihistamine as needed, as that does seem to help all the itchy, running nose.

So...I made a list of my plan for this Spring allergy season and am hoping it works. I think I will also be using atrovent and ventolin nebs as needed.



I've suffered with pollen issues for my whole life. I was raised to do what I want to do and rely upon medical people to help me do just that (within reason and medical knowledge!). Hayfever can affect my asthma, eczema and always my eyes.

I always have antihistamines at home and start using them as soon as the symptoms start to kick in. Then manage the asthma and/or eczema as needed. I take them before I go outside (at least 20 mins) and use them every day until the season is over (this can be a bit hit and miss some years). If I get symptoms during the season, I see the GP.

I'm not sure if this is true for all, but I find that the pollen levels predicted with the weather aren't accurate for me. I ignore them and go by symptoms alone, although they do give me an indication of when it might be ok to assume that the season is over.


Hi Bee,

I know i'm a little late in response.

I too fear this time of year, my asthma is usually exacerbated around spring and end of autumn.

After a recent admission i've learned i am severely allergic to both common dust types, mixed tree and grass pollens, dogs... etc (i'm allergic to the planet it seems).

I have been prescribed avamys (as well as seretide, montelukast and terbutaline) and the asthma nurse at the hospital says this should help and reduce my reactions.

I have been on it for a couple of months, and couple of things i have noticed is that i can breath through my nose again and i'm nowhere near are bad as usual though spring is yet to fully bloom. Normally i'd be stocking up on anti histamines and boxes of tissues. i''ve got to wait and see but things seem promising...


Hi bee,

yeah sorry, I forgot to mention to wash your hair every night(during bad hayfever time), keep your worn clothes out of your bedroom, Hoover daily if possible(at least in bedroom) and don't dry your washing outside! Pollen will stick to it.

I sometimes think it might be easier wearing an all-body-condom lol;-)

good luck.



I'm allergic to the planet it seems."" Yes! Me too. Sad isn't it?

And the cleaning...so useful, but really I think sometimes having bad allergies and asthma does create a lot of extra work. For one I'm hoping if I ever own a house or...well a piece of property...that I will some how be able to get out of raking leaves. I'm really allergic to those when they're molding.

Love you guys!



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