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Asthma attack and getting used to neb

Hi all,

So I had an asthma attack at work yesterday. I took for puffs of my rescue, and then two more puffs of atrovent a while later. Quite frusterated at the moment. It's very hard to work when I suddenly can't breath. At the moment I'm taking singulair, a steroid inhaler, and xopenex/atrovent nebs. The problem is I feel fine, and then I miss the nebs, because technically they are ""as needed"" and they speed my heart up, and then I have to take extra heart meds. Grrr.

Anyways, I'm not used to the neb being my prevention. And am rather down about the whole thing at the moment as there is no end in sight. With my Fall allergies I suppose I will be doing thing until my birthday Nov. 29th! Anyways, any encouragement would be nice. I also was reading the ""asthma attack"" recommendations and figure I should probably call my doctor.


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See what the doctor thinks and don't fret because worrying does not help. It could be the seasonal weather changes, though we had some lovely summer days.(Indian summer)

Take care hon



so sorry to hear your struggling and feeling fed up like that! i also have to balance the meds for different things (lungs, heart, diabetes, kidneys, depression, chronic pain) it can get really complicated and frustrating! feel free to pm me if you want to chat or just to rant!

Best wishes



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