Does anyone know if reflux can cause a cough?


I've had a nagging cough the last few days as I taper off of steroids, and I was wondering if anyone knows if reflux can cause a cough? I think my doctors have said it doesn't, but I took an antacid today to see if it would help, and I think it has. It occured to me that the pred. probably isn't helping my stomach.


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  • yes it certainly can!

  • yes, i think it can. i take meds against this, due also to all the other tablets i swallow each day (including steroids) and it helps, most of the time. maybe ask your doc about this if it is not already the case? i also use over the counter gels when it gets bad, though these must be used a couple of hours away from food/tablet intake, as they can stop the absorption process.

  • Yes it absolutely certainly can.

    I was diagnosed with asthma last year and was coughing as one of the symptoms. A couple of months later I developed a second cough alongside (yes, really!). The second cough was diagnosed as laryngeal reflux. The ENT consultant said it would also be making my asthma worse too. So I'm now on Omeprazole which has sorted me out.

  • Oh, wow. I think this could be good news then :). I do take prevacid (PPI) in the morning, but I used to take it twice a day. I'm thinking that especially when I'm on pred. I might need to take it twice a day. The good news being it is a low side effect drug for me, and it would be great if it helps my cough. I do seem better today, which actually makes sense as I haven't eaten anything spicy either.


  • Yes it has made me cough before. I have been prescribed Omeprazole by my GP and it is very good

  • Its certainly does. Iv been on Omeprezole for a long time (my consultant insists on it for anyone who is on steroids for any significant time period). They can do endoscopy's and other procedures (pH testing etc) and see if you do indeed have bad reflux and give you medication if necessary. I believe if its very bad there is also a very simple op they can do which sorts out the problem totally.

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