Finally back home- Went to the asthma doctor today-Yeah Steroids!

Hi there,

So I lived through my move from NC to NJ (I'm in the States). Right now I'm staying with a friend for the month, and just went on three job interviews. After having asthma issues for about 6 weeks, I'm now doing O.K. I've used my rescue inhaler a lot in the last week though, so when I saw my asthma doctor (the one who knows me well) today, she put me back on oral steroids. I'm on medrol this time though, not prednisone, so she's saying it will hopefully have less side effects. I hope, but I'm not exactly betting on it.

My friend has a dog, but I think she just gave it a bath, and her house is super clean. But it's really hot here, so we have all the windows open. So I'm glad I've got more meds.

Thanks for all of the help a few weeks ago.


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  • Hi Bee, glad things are improving for you. Hope your move works out well. Let us know how you get on with these new steroids. Sonja

  • Hi there,

    So I'm doing pretty well with the medrol. I don't feel as hyper as I feel with prednisone, which is awesome. I also slept just fine last night. So...doing pretty well. I just called my prescription insurance company though, because my co-pays are going up because I moved. They are going to be hundred and hundreds of dollars. Scary. I'm applying for assistnace though to see if they can help as I'm also paying my insurance premium to keep insurence until I get my next job. Which is also nearly $500 a month. Anyways. Doing O.K.


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