Dealing with Outdoor Allergies?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering how everyone else deals with outdoor allergies? I'm feeling a bit sad lately. I'd really like to get a cat, but know that it's a really bad idea because my eyes swell up when I'm around them for one thing. And then I would start gardening, but I'm allergic to mold, so that's a really bad idea too.

So the one thing I can't be happy about giving up is exercising outdoors. I love walking outdoors and hiking when the weather is nice. But it does seem I have to avoid doing this too in Winter (too cold makes me wheeze), Autum (too many allergies), and Spring (too many allergies).

So I was wondering how you all deal with this? Do you just go outside anyways? I'm starting to feel like I'm in a bubble as so many things seem to make my breathing worse and I don't like it.


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  • Dealing with outdoor allergies.

    Hi bee there I find clarytin works very well for me. Good luck.

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